Arte Brotto Tavolo Vero in legno massiccio

Arte Brotto presents the Vero table

Available in walnut or oak, Vero is the new table from Arte Brotto that preserves the energy and aesthetics of the centuries-old tree to which it belongs

Arte Brotto, Vero table in solid wood

Based in Rosà (Vicenza), furniture company Arte Brotto launches the Vero table, a piece of furniture that is also a work of art preserving all the energy and beauty of the centuries-old tree to which it belongs

Arte Brotto, Vero table in solid wood

In fact, Arte Brotto’s master craftsmen respect the morphology of the tree, whether it is walnut or oak, while keeping the outline of the centuries-old trunk intact during processing. In the making, they also evaluate each grain of the cut and use the splits to join the boards with special patented wood or metal joints.

Nature meets style

Therefore, nature and style come together to create a handcrafted work that expresses the charm of solid wood in its details, thickness, grain and knots. In the Vero table, the identity of the tree remains intact, which is why each model is one-of-a-kind.

Arte Brotto, Vero table in solid wood

Everybody at the table

The Vero table by Arte Brotto is a piece of furniture with an innate and natural charisma, which fulfills its main function: to gather people around it, to become the main element of a lunch or dinner but also of professional sharing at a business meeting.

From the forest to the customer, the raw material is in house

Arte Brotto is a company that for more than half a century has been producing high-end wood furnishings – from bedrooms to wall units, from paneling to flooring, the latter with its sister company Foglie d’Oro.

Arte brotto
Ph: Stephanie Rooney

Beyond the purely aesthetic aspect of the various lines and collections by Arte Brotto and Foglie d’Oro for the parquet part, the distinctive characteristic of the Vicenza-based company is that it is the only company in the world capable of storing an extraordinary amount of fine raw wood boards to transform them into furniture, so much so that it makes this peculiarity a pride.

Luisa Brotto, CEO, explains:

“From the very beginning of the workshop founded by our father 56 years ago, wood has been the essential element that, despite the styles that have changed over the years, has marked and bound the entire path of our companies. And, from the very beginning, we have gone straight to the source, buying and planting whole forests. We are among the few manufacturing companies that start from the beginning of the supply chain and arrive to the finished product with polishing. This aspect has never been more important than at this time,” says Luisa Brotto, “when the supply of raw material has become a problem.”

Sourcing wood directly from the source

Arte Brotto uses the best wood essences, of which the Foglie d’Oro division knows every secret thanks to its complete control: from the choice of raw material directly at the source – European forests managed in a correct and sustainable way, with its own sawmills – to the installation, passing through a highly experienced technical office and a totally in-house production, relying on a unique warehouse in terms of quantity and quality of wood.

Arte Brotto: a treasure trove in the warehouse

The production capacity and craftsmanship of the Veneto-based company Arte Brotto and Foglie d’Oro – two companies in one, due to the logical thread of connection with the various markets – allow the company to meet customized requests to the millimeter,satisfying the need of a high-spending clientele interested in tailor-made technical and stylistic solutions, even with inlays of different materials, such as metal and marble, which make the difference in historical buildings and even more so in the nautical field.

A complete cycle where the supply chain process controls everything: starting from the raw wood to the small residential architecture, meeting the needs of international markets by participating in trade fairs in China and the United States.

Arte Brotto

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