The first collection of built-in appliances by LG

LG Electronics presents its first collection of built-in appliances for a comprehensive and diversified offering of all segments of the white goods sector

Ease of use, high performance and minimal design are the features that make the products in the new built-in LG Electronics collection the perfect allies for those looking for a kitchen that is both functional and elegant. The new collection includes 4 electric ovens, 2 induction cooktops, 2 gas cooktops and 3 dishwashers.

LG Instaview ovens

Minimal and stylish, the new ovens by LG are equipped with InstaView technology – also featured on LG refrigerators – which allows you to look inside the oven with a simple knock on the glass, without fear of getting burnt. In fact, the four panes of glass of the oven door perfectly insulate from heat, making InstaView ovens extremely safe. Moreover, the excellent quality of the materials guarantees strength, durability and easy maintenance thanks to the EasyClean and pyrolysis functions.

LG appliances

The first, for example, allows the oven to be cleaned in just 10 minutes without the use of detergents and with the sole use of steam; the second uses high temperatures to char stubborn residue on the oven walls.

Functional and easy to use, InstaView ovens offer high energy efficiency and numerous cooking options: from traditional and convection cooking to steaming, sous-vide cooking or air frying. By downloading for free the ThinQ app, it is also possible to download numerous recipes and experiment with different cooking modes.

Cooktops: LG style and flexibility

The keyword for the cooktops in LG’s new built-in collection, available in both induction and gas versions, is flexibility.

The induction cooktops, both 60 cm, offer 4 burners with double or single flex zone, which automatically detects the position of pots and pans, even of different sizes, and activate the right area.

Moreover, independent slide touch controls provide convenience and temperature control even during the most complex preparations, while automatic pan detection and the Stop & Go system make them safe and scald-proof.

On the other hand, the gas cooktops are available in 60-cm and 75-cm versions with 4 and 5 burners, respectively.

Built-in dishwashers: effectiveness and efficiency for LG appliances

Also LG’s range of dishwashers, introduced in 2021, is enriched with new built-in models with unique functions and features, including high energy efficiency up to class A.

In particular, LG dishwashers feature the QuadWash technology, which, thanks to the multidirectional rotation of its four spray arms, guarantees enviable washing performance. In contrast to the traditional two-arm system, in fact, the four Multi-Motion arms are able to reach every corner of the wash tank, completely cleaning all dishes from multiple angles throughout the cycle. Sanitization is also ensured by TrueSteam technology, which uses a jet of hot steam to remove up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria from dishes.

The EasyRack loading system, which features a customizable rack, makes the adjustable basket system suitable for all types of loads. Lastly, LG dishwashers are also able to preserve the design of the kitchen: thanks to sliding hinges, in fact, it is possible to make the door slide during the opening, avoiding the need to mill the plinth in the case of very high modern kitchen doors.

LG appliances

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