MADCO Ambientec

MADCO, the new wearable lamp

From lighting to fashion design, the road is short. Ambientec presents MADCO, the wearable lamp

MADCO Ambientec

Japanese lighting design brand Ambientec, in collaboration with Italian architect and interior designer Elisa Ossino, presents MADCO, a portable lantern that combines light and color and becomes a vibrant and versatile fashion accessory when needed.

A contemporary reinterpretation of Japanese lanterns

MADCO is a contemporary reinterpretation of classic Japanese lanterns as well as an innovative lighting object with a minimalist and distinctive design. The sphere of light rests on a thin metal frame that can also serve as a convenient handle. The 360-degree rotation of the lighting body allows for endless configuration possibilities. On the other hand, the lower half sphere, which houses the technological components and transformer, is available in a palette of five warm and refined shades: oliva (olive), pesca (peach), terracotta, senape (mustard), ciliegia (cherry).

MADCO Ambientec

Technology and personality

MADCO expresses lightness and chromatic elegance, and from a versatile light design object it quickly transforms into a fashion accessory to be worn and carried anywhere you want. Easily rechargeable via USB-C connector and with a high waterproof protection rating (IP66), MADCO can be used on a table, next to a bed, an armchair, or it can be easily carried outdoors to elegantly and discreetly decorate outdoor environments of private homes or public facilities.

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