Draga & Aurel

The new Lucite capsule collection by Draga & Aurel explores the power of refraction

Draga & Aurel present a new Lucite capsule collection at Design Miami / and Salon Art + Design New York 2024

Premiered at Design Miami/ and Salon Art + Design New York 2024, Flare is the new capsule collection by Draga & Aurel exploring the power of color and light refraction through the craftsmanship of a novel acrylic material, Lucite. The collection is exclusive to New York gallery Todd Merrill Studio.

Draga & Aurel

Flare coffee tables and sculptural totem

Consisting of seven variations of coffee tables and a sculptural totem, Flare is the result of passionate research into materials and their capacity to come to life through the interplay of color and light. Globally renowned for their mastery in epoxy resin artistry, Draga & Aurel keep experimenting with this project by choosing Lucite, an acrylic material processed by hand with an innovative technique. To produce these coffee tables and totem they have collaborated with the best artisans from the Lake Como area, Italy, where the duo also has its own studio and atelier.

Draga & Aurel

Inspired by South Korean artist Jiyong Lee’s studies on three-dimensional color and Vasa Mihich’s intricate compositional technique of acrylic sculptures, Draga & Aurel focus on the concept of refraction, exploring the breakdown and composition of matter. Colored Lucite sheets of varying shapes and thicknesses are combined to obtain captivating hues. Then, they are cut and glued to create an astonishing light effect.

This process results in multifaceted objects that, with their ever-changing appearance from different angles, epitomize the essence of a flare: intuition, revelation, discovery.

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