WallPepper®/Group presents the Museum Collection

WallPepper®/Group presents the Museum Collection, the stunning capsule collection that transforms spaces into works of art

Transforming a space into a work of art: with the Museum Collection by WallPepper®/Group, interior decoration reaches a new and fascinating dimension. Wallpaper becomes a new way of communicating art and personalizing the environments we live in.

WallPepper®/Group Museum Collection
The Seine at Giverny by Claude Monet

Thanks to the valuable collaboration with SCALA Archives, an important digital and analog archive of works of art, WallPepper®/Group has selected more than 40 masterpieces to be brought to life through its wallpapers. From fascinating landscapes to great monuments and architecture, from the wonders of nature to starry skies, from brilliant colors to abstract shapes and mesmerizing geometries. Three different volumes collect the extraordinary suggestions evoked by the great artists.

WallPepper®/Group - Museum Collection
Vue de Le Crotoy by Georges Seurat

Reproduced with absolute fidelity on the highest quality media, composed of textile fibers, agave and cellulose, PVC-free and printed with environmentally friendly inks, the works that make up WallPepper®/Group’s Museum Collection are exclusively made to measure, adapting perfectly to any size.

WallPepper®/Group - Museum Collection

Moreover, each work can be reproduced on any kind of material (soundproofing, water-repellent, etc.), allowing for maximum design freedom both in terms of functionality and aesthetic value. From Canaletto to Claude Monet, from Vincent van Gogh to Gustav Klimt, the works in the Museum Collection are able to create enveloping spaces with fascinating views.

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