Poliform Dubai, a new destination for contemporary living

Poliform opens the new Dubai mono-brand store and presents the first Outdoor Collection

Poliform opens its new mono-brand store in Dubai: a majestic and scenic architecture, located near the renowned Jumeirah Beach Road, furnished with the best Poliform proposals, including timeless icons and many novelties, such as the brand’s first Outdoor Collection, presented as a world premiere at the Salone del Mobile 2023.

Poliform Dubai

Therefore, this is the first store in the world to showcase Poliform’s new outdoor furnishings, acting as a forerunner in the brand’s extensive international retail network. Over the coming months, in fact, the collection will also be available in other selected stores.

Poliform strengthens its presence in the Middle East

With this new mono-brand store, Poliform strengthens its presence in the Middle Eastern market. And there was a reason to choose this particular location. The company, in fact, has chosen one of the most prestigious areas of Dubai: Jumeirah Beah Road is known for its cultural and commercial attractions and is the area where the most exclusive residences can also be found.

Poliform Dubai

The new store presents the brand’s new indoor and outdoor proposals

Poliform Dubai was born as a new destination for contemporary living, framed by a refined and fascinating parallelepiped-shaped architecture. The store is divided into three levels, punctuated by an interplay of solids and voids and the alternation of straight and sinuous lines. Inside the showroom it is possible to see the brand’s numerous indoor and outdoor proposals, designed to reproduce an ideal of a cozy, familiar and extremely elegant home.

A project inspired by local traditions

Poliform Dubai’s interior design project is inspired by the villas of Qatar, traditionally provided with three naves: the central one, with greater height, intended for living and convivial areas, and the two side ones for service rooms. The same distribution can be found in the Poliform store, which takes advantage of different heights to enliven the space and generate an intriguing interplay of light and shadow, aided by vertical elements used to demarcate the aisles.

The link between the various floors is a stunning staircase that occupies the central part of the aisle facing the bay, offering direct views of the sea. In particular, the third floor offers a complete home set-up with an open-plan kitchen connected to a large terrace. And it is precisely in this en plein air dimension that the numerous furnishings of the new Outdoor Collectionare arranged, which are the result of collaboration with designers Jean-Marie Massaud, Emmanuel Gallina, Marcel Wanders and Soo Chan who have reinterpreted the Poliform lifestyle for open-air living through a rich proposal of upholstered furniture, seats, tables and complements that combine careful material research with the brand’s distinctive comfort and style.

Day and night collections

The Poliform collections for the living area, sleeping area and kitchen are distributed across the three levels of the showroom in a transversal way, generating a continuous dialogue with space and architecture.

The large upholstered systems take advantage of the ample space of the central naves to express themselves in the largest and most articulate compositions such as the Mondrian, Brera and Bristol sofas. On the sides, the architectural systems showcase their versatility in a display of compositional elements intended for both living and sleeping areas. The main stars are the Ego, Cover, Match, and Wall Systems, and the new Surface paneling presented in all its aesthetic possibilities – finishes in light or dark wood, with a “print” effect and in fabric – covering the walls, the back of cabinets and the partitions to generate a sophisticated aesthetic continuity between furniture and architecture.

Poliform Dubai

Kitchens remain a feather in the company’s cap, represented in the store by the Alea Pro and Artex models: open to the living areas, they complete the settings testifying to the new living trends, which place the kitchen at the center of conviviality rituals and everyday life.

All around, complements and furniture designed by the great names in international design, such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Emmanuel Gallina, Marcel Wanders, and Flaviano Capriotti. These proposals share soft and muted finishes and colors that, in addition to reflecting the brightness of the place, respond to the canons of lightness and harmoniousness of the brand’s style. All linked by a recognizable lifestyle that identifies Poliform’s corporate identity, encapsulated in the concept of timeless elegance.

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