The multi-taSking shower enclosure by Duka

The modern bathroom reaches the pinnacle of innovation with the new multi-taSking shower enclosure presented by Duka

Multi-S represents one of Duka’s most iconic and long-lived lines of shower enclosures.
Created with the aim of offering a versatile solution, suitable for any environment and interior design style, multi-S 4000 gets a makeover and becomes multi-taSking, able to adapt to new and diverse interpretations of contemporary living.

duka shower enclosures
Shower enclosure with hinged door and side element with Tubes towel rack

The restyling of the multi-S 4000 shower enclosure

Duka’s restyling of multi-s 4000 results in a shower enclosure characterized by greater aesthetic purity and higher functionality. The concept of the new project can be expressed in one word: versatility.

Thanks to the clean and essential lines, the many standard models available, the made-to-measure special solutions, and the different opening systems (pivot door and foldable pivot doors), the new multi-S 4000 line is multifunctional: it furnishes any shower space, characterizing any residential, contract or hotel context.

Duka shower enclosures
Quadrant solution with two pivot doors and two fixed elements

Wellness, comfort and safety

In its revamped version, the multi-S 4000 range, therefore, establishes itself as Duka’s new go-to solution, ideal for furnishing any bathroom thanks to the many models available and a series of technical and aesthetic details that make it possible to meet the most diverse design requirements. Multi-S 4000 embodies functionality, beauty, comfort and safety. And the particularly versatile ‘character’ of the range is emphasized by the simplicity and speed of installation, the ease of cleaning, and the great durability of the product over time.

Shower enclosure with pivot door and in-line side element for niche


  • The hinges of multi-S 4000 are attached to the glass using the Brillant UV adhesive technology patented by Duka, which eliminates the need for screws and ensures high glass resistance. As a result, the inner surface is absolutely smooth, with no raised components or obstacles, making it easier to clean the shower enclosure and enhancing its aesthetics.
  • Anti-drip seals are barely visible and help emphasize the transparency and purity of the glass.
  • The new profile with concealed magnet (enclosed inside) ensures a smooth and even surface.
  • The support bar, which can be adjusted with a simple twisting motion, is made to ensure greater adaptability, stability and safety of glass walls, and aligns perfectly with the height of the shower enclosure for easier installation.
  • The compensation profile, which allows the standard shower enclosure size to be adjusted to any out-of-square measurements, ranges from 20mm to 25mm depending on the model. For some solutions, the door can be easily adjusted by micrometric thumbwheel adjustment.
  • The hinges, both the one characteristic of Duka and the one with the refined tubular shape, the profiles and the support bar, with no visible screws, are extremely discreet; the thinnest part of the profile is placed on the outside, so as to respect the minimalist look of the new multi-S 4000.
  • The handles are available in three different variants: round (knob), standard for models with pivot door; with classic shapes for models with folding pivot doors, equipped with a rubber insert for a more comfortable grip; and squared (optional handle) with ‘soft’ corners and recessed grip.

but also…

  • New wall profile mounting technique available with a special adhesive that does not involve drilling holes in the wall, enables easier and faster installation, ensures
    strength and durability, and allows +/- 2mm variation.
  • Profiles are available in Matte Silver, Glossy Silver and Black.
  • The multi-S 4000 range is made of 6 mm tempered safety glass – characterized by high resistance to impact, temperature changes and great resistance to bending – that ensures transparency and brilliance over time thanks to the Protect and ProCare treatments.
    Protect is the coating that is applied to the surface of the glass, like a kind of protective film, to make it nonstick and smooth. ProCare, on the other hand, is the technical treatment of the glass whereby, through a special and innovative magnetron coating of metal oxides, fixed by a specific pre-stressing process, water slides off, limiting the settling of residue.
  • The glass is available in different variations: clear, satin, Parsol Gray, Chinchilla (with embossed patterns on the surface), Privé (with central white satin screenprinting), Nubes (screenprinted finish that starts at the base of the shower enclosure and runs along the wall decreasing in intensity), and Nebula (finish with central satin screenprinting on the glass that fades both upward and downward).
  • Upon request, multi-S 4000 can be equipped with the practical and elegant Tubes towel holder, also attached to the glass by UV adhesive technology.
Custom solution

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