Porta Venezia Design District

Porta Venezia Design District, L’ALTRO distretto (THE OTHER district), participates in the Fuorisalone 2024 as an inclusive design district

Following the success of the first edition visited by over 40,000 people, Porta Venezia Design District, L’ALTRO distretto (THE OTHER district), presents EverythinK is design at Milan Design Week 2024.

Respecting the inclusivity and diversity typical of this neighborhood, with EverythinK is design, the district wants to incorporate many different fields within the concept of design, understood in the broadest sense of conception and planning.

EverythinK is design

This year’s concept is inspired by Paul Rand, graphic design legend who changed the world of visual communication. For Rand, design is the method that enables the union of form and content and, just like art, has multiple and infinite definitions.

Rand left us with an inclusive and contemporary vision that includes different expressions of design based on a simple and universal language, hence EverythinK is design.

Porta Venezia Design District

Porta Venezia Design District: discovering new trends and emerging designers

In the 2024 edition of Porta Venezia Design District, L’ALTRO distretto, there is a strong focus on new trends and emerging designers. These young talents, like the district, are not afraid to be daring and want to open their eyes to new experimentations that look ahead to the future and the preservation of the environment.

Design is inclusive

Porta Venezia Design District is a vibrant neighborhood that has made its desire for aggregation a driving force toward an approach that sees design as a possible dialogue between citizens, designers, historical architecture and social and environmental evolutions, aimed at enhancing the territory.

Porta Venezia, this year, will be a “factory of creativity”, whose main actors will be young designers interpreting a complex cultural evolution. Not by chance, the aim of this district district is to enhance the spaces of the neighborhood, reinterpreting them to offer more services, not only to insiders and outside visitors but also, and above all, to those who live there on a daily basis.

WALLCOME, installation by OUTPUMP

The projects of the Porta Venezia Design District

Porta Venezia Design District offers an inclusive and contemporary vision of design and proposes projects that span different areas united by elements, technologies, materials and the very thought that leads to their definition: EverythinK is design.

Educational paths and young designers

Several realities will see young people as protagonists, starting with RAFFLES MILANO, the Milan branch of the International Design Institute, which, together with its students, created the visual identity of the district and presents Design x Everythink, a program of exhibitions and activities that interpret the changes in design.

OUTPUMP – an Italian independent magazine and a point of reference for the new generations – designs, in collaboration with the district, the WALLCOME installation. The initiative is addressed to the main graphic design institutes of the city and will ask the new promises to create a series of posters expressing the theme EverythinK is design with particular attention to current events and upcycling.

The CONSULATE OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC will give the opportunity for students from the Faculty of Multimedia Communication at Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín and four other universities from around the world to present the exhibition Identity/Identità collecting generational testimonies of young designers facing several new challenges.

Vasky Polansky, Identity exhibition / Consulate of the Czech Republic

Accessible design for all

The Venezia Library, located on Via Malpighi corner with Via Melzo, in the heart of the Porta Venezia area, is a historic building featuring Art Nouveau decorative elements and architectural developments. It occupies 250sqm on two floors and in the early 1900s was home to the Dumont Cinema, which is still one of the busiest spaces in the city thanks to its intimate atmosphere and numerous cultural initiatives. On this occasion, it will host NOOK, a project by Mara Bragagnolo, consisting of innovative furnishings designed to help autistic children to express themselves freely without encountering obstacles.

Porta Venezia Design District
Piscina Cozzi. Ph: Cherchi

History meets design also with the opening of Piscina Cozzi. While MILANOSPORT Spa will make the Piscina Cozzi, Italy’s first indoor swimming pool built by engineer Luigi Secchi in 1934, usable during Milan Design Week, which still offers immaculate mosaic corners, TOILETPAPER, the magazine founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, presents the TOILETPAPER APARTMENT. This large innovative space will see the debut of the special edition TOILETALEXPAPERPRAGER, a photographic project born from the magazine’s collaboration with U.S. artist Alex Prager.


Technological and digital innovation

MEET, the nerve center and headquarter of the Porta Venezia Design District, will host the Italian premiere of the work 21-22 USA by Thierry Loa – which enriches the “MEET the Nature” program, created in collaboration with ItalMesh – and the exhibition curated by Migliore+Servetto for NEUTRA.

NEUTRA exhibition

GOOGLE presents Making Sense of Color. An immersive journey highlighting how color is fundamental to perceiving the world around us. The installation was created by Ivy Ross, Vice President of Hardware Design at Google, and her design team, in collaboration with the Chromasonic art studio and research lab. In the meanwhile, at Via Lecco 18, MONOLITE, the twin of the Digital Creative Agency MONOGRID focused on physical design, offers Momentum, an alternative installation based on the interaction between people and AI.

Sustainability and natural materials

The environment must be preserved and made inclusive for the greatest number of life forms. This is the goal of JOHANNA SEELEMANN X PARK ASSOCIATI and the Micrographia project in support of biodiversity. Sustainable mobility is the goal of BROMPTON JUNCTION MILANO, which, with its famous folding bike, made in England, moves fans around the world and will act as a mobility partner by presenting new bikes made of titanium and wood. KRISTIINA LASSUS and ANNE KYYRO QUINN, with their different styles, complement each other through their use of sustainable materials, making contemporary rugs from natural materials and sculptural wall art from pure wool, respectively.

Working different materials

LASVIT, the leading Czech brand in glass processing, presents Re/Creation at Palazzo Isimbardi. This monumental fused glass installation enhances the brand’s mastery and innovative approach to design, architecture and glass production. WonderGlass transforms the Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano with CONTRASTO by exhibiting two new lighting collections by nendo and Formafantasma. Fondazione Mudima hosts COLLECTION PARTICULIERE, which presents Natural disco, a collection inspired by matter, nature and the night, and DELCOURT COLLECTION, which, imagining a knight’s dwelling with “Horses in my dreams”, gives us an anatomy of matter coming to life.


Iron is the key element at Spazio Milesi, which, with Heavy Metal, wants to showcase a material that here abandons its hardness and heaviness to become poetry, grace and charm. Apartamento Studios and Julia Esque present Inspired in Barcelona and the Terra Rossa installation, a pyramid of cantirs reinterpreted by 15 Catalan designers, who use clay as a primordial element. “Autentica Polarità” is the project that DSIGNINCMILANO created with the aim of telling an authentic encounter between two polar visions, through Architecture and Interior Design. The strong materiality given by a mix of travertine marble, steel and briarwood comes to life through structured geometric shapes and well-defined volumes, emphasized and contrasted by precious fabrics such as silk.

Inspired in Barcelona. Terra Rossa by Nacho Alegre

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