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The new refrigerators from LG Electronics at Milan Design Week 2024

LG Electronics launches the new LG InstaView refrigerators with MoodUP at Milan Design Week 2024

LG Electronics presents the new LG InstaView collection of refrigerators with MoodUP, offering a new way of thinking about home appliances and personalizing spaces. In fact, LG InstaView with MoodUP is the only refrigerator with speakers and LED-lit doors that change color depending on one’s tastes and mood. Available in Combi and French Door versions, it combines the excellence of LG technology with a unique design.

LG electronics refrigerators

LG InstaView with MoodUP for a personalized style

LG Electronics’ InstaView with MoodUP refrigerators are very easy to customize. In fact, the LG ThinQ app allows you to set a different color for each panel. In particular, the combi version allows you to choose from over 400 colorful combinations, while the French door version offers over 170,000. Alternatively, the appearance of the panels can be changed by selecting one of the predefined themes including Season, Place, Mood, Pop.

When the LED panels are off, the doors become Lux Gray and Lux White lending a more traditional look to the kitchen. A chic and timeless finish that harmonizes with any decor by evoking the natural and refined contrast of different colored stones.

Moreover, LG InstaView with MoodUP makes it possible for very creative people to change the colors of the panels by synchronizing them with the music played via the built-in Bluetooth speaker.

LG Electronics refrigerators

Features and light notifications for a smart experience

Not only does the LG InstaView with MoodUP refrigerator collection boast an original design, but it also offers numerous simple and intuitive technologies that make it perfectly efficient and functional. Among these, LG’s flagship is doubtlessly the InstaView technology that allows you to look inside the refrigerator by simply knocking on the darkened glass panel, preventing unnecessary cold air leakage while choosing what to eat or considering what food you need to buy. Moreover, the color of the light can be customized to match the refrigerator panels or the rest of the kitchen.

The light panels also have a practical function as they can send useful notifications. For example, it is possible to set the presence light to automatically illuminate the refrigerator doors when a person’s presence is detected, or have the lower doors light up slightly by a discreet courtesy light when approaching at night.

Innovation and cutting-edge technology

LG’s new refrigerators are also equipped with smart technologies to preserve the freshness of food. The French door refrigerator, for example, features the DoorCooling™ function, which makes the temperature inside the refrigerator, and particularly on the door, more uniform to avoid temperature changes that accelerate food spoilage. On the other hand, the combi fridge-freezer is equipped with FRESHConverter™, which allows the zero-degree drawer, normally intended for fresh meat or fish, to be converted into a vegetable drawer.

LG InstaView with MoodUP in the combi version also features a convenient 4.3-inch touch display that allows you to view useful information such as temperature settings and time. It allows you to play preset pictures or write notes to share with the whole family.

Lastly, both refrigerators in the LG InstaView with MoodUP collection use the Inverter compressor, which ensures excellent performance and maximum silence.

LG Electronics at the Milan Design Week 2024

LG InstaView with MoodUP refrigerators will be among the stars of LG’s booth (Hall 4, booth C19-C30) at Eurocucina/FTK along with LG’s built-in appliance collection. The brand will also participate in the Fuorisalone as part of its ongoing collaboration with Moooi. The two companies will present a new concept that blends technology with design and lifestyle in a single experiential and immersive exhibition at Salone dei Tessuti, Via San Gregorio 29, Milan.

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