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VENINI at Milan Design Week 2024

At Milan Design Week 2024, VENINI celebrates its collections, Art Glass and Art Light, through exhibition and sensory experiences related to glass

VENINI is participating in Milan Design Week celebrating the two souls of the brand – the Art Glass and Art Light collections – through a sensory experience that allows visitors to discover VENINI glass, with its beauty and design, and its innovative DNA.

VENINI glass
Black Belt glasses, designed by Peter Marino

Through the concept “The Heart Beats”, the company wants to pay tribute to the lively creativity that has animated the furnace since its founding and that has made possible the collaboration with famous designers such as Carlo Scarpa, Gio Ponti and Fulvio Bianconi since the first half of the 20th century. For Milan Design Week 2024, these collaborations are celebrated through projects that re-issue, pay homage to and are inspired by the works created by these designers and that show the DAMIANI Group’s intention to enhance the company’s heritage and VENINI’s artistic path, illustrating how the present is defined in the interweaving of memory and awareness of the world around us.

VENINI at the Salone del Mobile 2024

VENINI invites you to immerse yourself in a world of light, matter and creativity with a strong visual impact (Hall 9 Stand L06-L08). A monumental reproduction of the “Poliedri” cascading chandelier, designed by Carlo Scarpa for the “Italia ’61” International Exposition, occupies one side of the booth.

This lighting architecture, composed of several modular blown-glass elements of different shapes and sizes, shows the company’s ability to offer custom-made solutions for the domestic and contract sectors. Moreover, the installation is surrounded by semicircular mirrored walls that dialogue with the central element, involving visitors in a deep visual experience. A large screen on the floor tells the story of the work.

VENINI clessidre sommerse
Clessidre Sommerse, designed by Fulvio Bianconi and Paolo Venini

On the other side of the booth, the exhibition path winds among sinuous displays featuring the new collections. The focus of the exhibition is the new collection including unreleased and reissued Gio Ponti designs. Among the most important ones in VENINI’s history, the collaboration with Ponti has certainly left an indelible mark on the brand’s path. Therefore, to pay tribute to this creative relationship, VENINI has decided to launch a collection of reissued and unreleased items designed by the architect from the late 1940s.

Other new products

Among the other new products, VENINI presents the Clessidre Sommerse that expand the collection designed by Fulvio Bianconi and Paolo Venini in1957. A series of timeless jewels that showcase the skill of master glassmakers in combining highly complex working techniques.

Also expanding the Art Glass collection is the new Pesca capsule collection that gives pink and orange hues to the iconic Fazzoletto, Deco, Monofiore Balloton, Balloton Fiori, and Opalino vases, and the Ritagli, Battuto a Nido d’Ape, Acco, Idalion and Sidone designer vases.

Lumen chandelier

New lighting proposals include the Fantasmino XL, Gran Balloton Luce and Gran Deco Luce lamps, which echo the design of iconic VENINI vases, harmoniously complement the various rooms in the home. Equipped with dimmable LED technology with three intensity levels, they set the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Finally, the unmistakable mark of Peter Marino, the master of modern luxury, stands out in the extension of the Black Belt collection with eye-catching glasses and of the Cilindro series with elegant limited editions.

Venini at the Fuorisalone 2024

During the design week, Boutique VENINI, at Via Montenapoleone 10, presents a new display designed to showcase the new 2024 products: from the Gio Ponti collection, to the Clessidre Sommerse, up to the new Pesca Collection. The new products designed by Peter Marino, together with some of the most recent collections created by contemporary designers, show VENINI’s ability to put its expertise at the disposal of international creatives capable of reinterpreting it in line with their own stylistic signature.

Venini Pesca Collection
Pesca Collection

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