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Febal Casa at the Salone del Mobile 2024

EuroCucina 2024 hosts a space created to showcase 5 new projects characterized by high design and innovation by Febal Casa

Febal Casa is participating in the Salone del Mobile with an 850-sqm exhibition space at EuroCucina 2024, where it will present 5 new different living projects characterized by high design and innovation. The booth will offer multiple immersive experiences: from the alternation of high and low ceilings, to light designed to dominate the atmosphere, and soft colors with new finishes and materials.

A comprehensive and trendy product offering in line with market demands will highlight customizable solutions with systems that can be integrated with each other to furnish all rooms in the home, enhancing the brand’s ability to dialogue with different styles and contexts.

The different living styles of Febal Casa


The project of the booth starts from “CASA 01”. A welcoming, refined and sophisticated environment, where open spaces play a key role. Linear and characterful furniture solutions give life to integrated environments that enhance aesthetics. The kitchen, made of precious materials that make the space unique, consists of two synergistic volumes, two Patagonia marble islands linked through a suspended snack top in black fenix and a functional backdrop.


Characterized by dynamic compositions and eye-catching finishes, “CASA 02” stands out for its unique style designed to leave a surprising and indelible mark. The kitchen is impressive in its composition and finishes and the central island has a strong personality. The wall composition, in visual continuity with the island, blends with the entire architecture of the space.


“CASA 03” is an enveloping home where every space shows special attention to the smallest detail to celebrate convivial moments. The wall bridge layout and the front island maintain a traditional layout with wood-framed doors and matte gray while boldly projecting into a contemporary dimension. The environment is warmed by an interplay of blue empty and full spaces, also in the volumes of the glass wall units and the snack area on the island top. However, the main star is the new ceramic arabesque effect, which strengthens and enlivens the composition both in the horizontal volumes of the tops and in the vertical volumes of the sides and back.


“CASA 04” is an apartment inhabited by a strong and determined personality, where every piece of furniture is designed to optimize space and every detail meets high aesthetic and functional requirements. The curved end element is the protagonist of this kitchen: in the foreground of the peninsula, where the Totem table in wine red Fenix Rosso Jaipur emphasizes the roundness of the design. The tall units, made precious by their new metallic striped décor, have wider volumes, are easy to access and hide all the services inside. On the wall, the new Imperial Marble veneer acts as a backdrop to the Metal Viva Bronze wall unit.


Lastly, ” CASA 05″ brings to life the cozy space of a couple who places extreme importance on the consistency of furnishings in different rooms. Coordinating finishes and neutral hues are the common thread of this project. The kitchen features the new diamond-effect door model, and the rigid shapes are enhanced by strong contrasts. The champagne-colored details of the new handles, of the Daily open compartment and of the modular elements embellish the composition in its technical aspects. Moreover, the barrel-shaped peninsula in Breccia Imperiale marble breaks the compositional scheme, making this intimate environment unique and functional. The kitchen appears perfectly coordinated with the rest of the house, and, through the materials, marble speaks a reassuring language in an open-plan space.

Each “CASA” environment presented at the Salone del Mobile embodies the brand’s philosophy, adhering to international lifestyles and offering an accessible premium positioning. Through the KITCHEN, LIVING, DINING, SOFAS and NIGHT collections, Febal Casa best expresses the concept of “total living”. It enhances an atmosphere that reflects elegance and functionality, demonstrating how quality design can enrich daily life, making every home an example of international style and comfort.

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