Ethimo at the Salone del Mobile 2024

Ethimo takes part in the Salone del Mobile 2024 presenting new products and previews in a new exhibition space conceived by Studio Zanellato/Bortotto

For the 62nd edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, Ethimo is presenting its 2024 collection and previews for 2025 in a new exhibition space conceived by Studio Zanellato/Bortotto.


A new exhibition project

Ethimo’s new exhibition space at the Salone del Mobile.Milano is arranged around a central patio with an open gallery that evokes the charm of Roman, Moorish and Spanish architecture. Ethimo’s new furnishings and most iconic lines are showcased in a succession of rooms surrounding this patio, simulating the traditional porticoes that once housed the various parts of a dwelling.

Elegant, semi-transparent curtains serve as walls separating the various rooms and allowing fluid movement between one space and the next and between outdoors and indoors without creating visual interruptions. Wooden beams define the architecture of the portico structure which supports a bamboo roof, highlighting the sustainability and natural texture emblematic of the entire project, while the floor, featuring sophisticated almond tones and hand-crafted terracotta with a moss-colored glaze, recalls traditional use of simple materials whose refined elegance is revealed through special finishes.

The furnishings are arranged according to their vocation so that living spaces, dining rooms and chill-out areas alternate with lush vegetation recreating a luxuriant Mediterranean garden filled with evergreen shrubs, herbaceous plants and fragrant flowers. Warm, direct light illuminates the various rooms, highlighting the furnishings inside, while the central patio is bathed in a diffused light with a natural feel.

The Pàtios installation interprets outdoor living in true Ethimo style, through artifice, nature, tradition and new ideas.

The new Boldini coffee tables are among the novelties

Bold, Ethimo’s sculptural table, transforms to conquer a new dimension, both in shape and use. That’s how the Boldini coffee tables were born. They maintain the character of the original project and reinterpret it in different sizes and intense and bright colors, which highlight the sculptural spirit and high-quality craftsmanship.

The new Boldini tables are suitable for furnishing outdoor lounge areas, providing the opportunity to create different arrangements and original combinations with the many other lounge items produced by Ethimo.

The tabletops, available in three ‘soft’ shapes are created in Rosso Francia or Verde Guatemala marble or Sand-colored travertine, available in a bright glossy finish that accentuates the beauty and natural veining in the materials. Adding dynamism and cohesion to the overall design, the glazed ceramic legs echo the colors of the tabletops and their shiny effect. The tables can be standalone, to add a touch of color to their surroundings, or can be grouped together as a unique, suggestive and colorful triptych, thus providing the option to create personalized arrangements. The attention to detail, choice of materials and variations in color, which aim to be an explicit reference to the nuances of nature, the tones of the earth and Mediterranean flora, make the new Boldini coffee tables distinctive pieces that add character and charm to outdoor environments.

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