Graphic Days 2024

The best in visual and social design at Graphic Days 2024

Graphic Days, the festival dedicated to Italian and international visual and social design, to return in Turin, May 16-26, 2024

The ninth edition of the international visual and social design festival Graphic Days will take place in the spaces of Flashback Habitat in Turin from May 16-26, 2024. The event will be characterized by an exhibition itinerary, a permanent work space as well as moments of discussion and leisure including lectures, workshops, live performances, DJ sets and children’s activities.

Graphic Days 2024

A kind of future, the theme of the ninth edition of Graphic Days

The Graphic Days festival has been promoted in Turin since 2016 by the Print Club Torino association, the Plug association and the quattrolinee agency.

Starting from the great icons of history up to contemporary professionals, the festival is about visual communication in all its aspects and its contaminations and involves the most relevant artists, professionals and studios on the international scene.

A kind of future, this year’s theme, is first and foremost a hypothesis of the future, not necessarily an alternative to other visions, which places the use of new languages and the valorization of young talents at the center of attention. Experimentation is understood in all its facets and ranges from the decontextualized use of commonly used objects in a creative and innovative way to the most cutting-edge technologies based on artificial intelligence and the development of new tools.

A kind future is the second key to understanding the festival: a future focused on kindness, people and the planet. This trend also includes social design initiatives built through the involvement of local communities.

Flashback Habitat in Turin

The festival will take place from May 16 to 26 within Flashback Habitat, an exhibition space in Turin recently reopened to the public and surrounded by greenery, promoting a busy program including events concerning experimentation and innovation.

Flashback Habitat will connect international printmakers, designers, and companies through live experiences open to all visitors and training and professionalizing workshops.

The festival’s activities also extend to the city. In the city is the calendar of initiatives created in collaboration with communication agencies, design studios and various entities operating in the field of visual and social design in the area.

graphic days 2024

Graphic Days: Neologia, a call for young talents

On May 17 and 24 it will be possible to get to know Turin’s eclectic creative scene by visiting places that are not usually accessible to the public: very different exhibitions, workshops, performances and events will interpret the theme of the festival, A kind of future.

One of the main focuses of the festival’s activities is represented by young designers. Since 2021 the festival has been promoting the Neologia call, dedicated to Italian designers under 30 or who have lived in Italy for at least two years, creating a showcase for young talents in today’s world of visual design: a democratic and constantly evolving environment that collects the best projects, rewarding the quality and experimentation of languages, thus allowing new creative minds to become part of a dynamic and international context.

Every year the 100 projects selected in the Editorial, Poster and Motion categories are exhibited at the festival. Special prizes are then awarded at a public event. These include the Neologia prize awarded by the Print Club and various mentions and prizes offered by the project partners.

For the 2024 edition, the awards given by Farm Cultural Park, Zetafonts, International Graphics Biennale, AWDA, and Fabrica will take the form of professional experiences. This is also the year featuring the Artificial Intelligence category for the first time dedicated to posters and motions created through artificial intelligence.

See the full schedule here

A new partnership

The Graphic Days 2024 festival marks the start of an important partnership with the BIG – International Graphics Biennale of Milan (May 23-26). This collaboration, tested with the 2022 edition of the Milan Graphic Festival, is consolidated this year with an exchange of cultural contents and collaborations. The 2024 Signs exhibition promoted by the International Graphics Biennale will be divided between the two events: 12 studies will be exhibited in Turin and 12 in Milan. At the same time, the works selected by Graphic Days through the Neologia call, in the motion, poster, and artificial intelligence categories will also be exhibited in Milan, as well as in Turin.

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