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DDN Product Selection Salone del Mobile 2024

The Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024 has just concluded. Here you will find our top selection including some of the most innovative products in the bathroom sector

The 10th edition of the International Bathroom Exhibition, held at the Salone del Mobile.Milano, April 16-21, 2024 in Halls 6 and 10, highlighted new aesthetic and design languages, focusing on consumption, awareness and material research.

From furniture to sanitary ware, from faucets to radiators, the products on display help transform the bathroom into an authentic wellness room with their aesthetics and innovative character.

DDN TOP Products Selection – International Bathroom Exhibition

Cordivari Design

Cordivari Design‘s Vertical series is the first range of vertical designer radiators offering high thermal performance for hot and cold, designed and developed to offer great comfort and efficiency in every room of the house throughout the year. Run and Ventana Vertical are vertical designer radiators and fan coils offering high performance and high efficiency thanks to the use of innovative aeraulic solutions, the adoption of advanced electronics, and the use of brushless DC inverter motors. In particular, Run and Ventana offer their best performance with heat pump systems.


Two new products are added to Arblu’s range of bathroom solutions: the Filo shower enclosure, characterized by minimalist profiles and attractive design, and the Tecnoblu Velvet shower tray.

Filo is a shower enclosure without lower profile, except for the sliding solution, which has a smaller lower profile with a glass compensation system, for the hinged and sliding versions, directly on a fixed glass profile. The novelty of Filo, already present in the Arblu catalog in the sliding version, consists in the introduction of the folding, hinged and hinged plus versions.
Standard profile finishes are Silver Brill, Alublack, Matt Lacquer, Metal, Metal Brushed.

The distinctive features of Arblu’s Filo shower enclosure are:

  • ultrathin profile with minimal thickness. The thin profile gives the shower enclosure a modern and neat look;
  • thin, elongated hinges;
  • handles to match the hinges;
  • new ‘Ghost’ locking system with hidden magnets for hinged and folding configuration;
  • stain-resistant treated glass that ensures easy maintenance and crystal-clear transparency over time

The Velvet shower tray is made of Tecnoblu Solid Surface, a solid material with a natural mineral composition and resins that guarantees exceptional durability. Not only does the velvety surface of the shower tray offer a pleasant tactile feel, but it is also stain-resistant and easy to clean. With a thickness of 2 mm, the Velvet shower tray is available in 3 standard depth dimensions; 70, 80 and 90 cm for a length ranging from 80 to 180 cm. Finally, Velvet can be installed flush with the floor or free-standing.


Ritmonio focuses on advanced and exclusive design in all its aspects aimed at luxury focused on functionality and innovation, placing people’s well-being at the center. The brand innovations presented at the Salone del Mobile 2024 follow the wave of contemporary trends.

All Diametro35 series, in fact, can now be customized in the entire NCS color palette, in glossy and matte versions. Thanks to the availability of the entire color range, the bathroom becomes an even more intimate and welcoming place. With the Chromatic (R)Evolution concept Ritmonio reinvents and enriches the bathroom environment with new ideas and inspirations, elevating the faucet to an haute couture work of art, destined to leave its mark.

In addition to the accessories already present in the successful ELEMENTA line – such as shelves, soap dishes, rods and towel and bathrobe holders – Ritmonio introduces new items making the collection a complete modular system.


Devon&Devon bathroom furniture Salone del Mobile

Always among the most iconic products of the Devon&Devon style, Blues is an elegant 1- or 3-hole basin characterized by sculptural volumes and minimalist geometries inspired by American design of the 1920s and 1930s.

In addition to the traditional ceramic version, Blues is now also available in a new version made entirely of White Tec Plus, a material as smooth and velvety as natural stone and certified Green Guard Gold by the LEED® program.

Perfect for fitting harmoniously into any setting and matching all of Devon&Devon’s faucet collections, the White Tec Plus Blues washbasin can be installed on a pedestal or incorporated into the Blues aluminum console or Single Memphis turned brass console.

Produced exclusively for Devon&Devon, White Tec Plus is entirely made in Italy. Beautiful to see and touch, it has a smooth surface similar to that of natural stone. Environmentally sustainable, it is Green Guard Gold certified by the LEED® program and contains Biobased® resins derived from corn starch. Created to last a long time while keeping its beauty intact, it is easy to clean and will not yellow over time. This innovative blend contains titanium dioxide, whose well-known photocatalytic property enables antibacterial and antiviral activity for healthier environments.


Zucchetti participated in the Salone del Mobile 2024 with an installation inspired by the harmony and beauty of nature and presented two new collections inspired by the majesty of the natural world. The first, Pan S, is an innovative reinterpretation of the famous Pan series, designed by Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba, the first example of a single-lever mixer with an organic matrix.

In Pan S, body, spout, lever and knob come together in fluid and seamless forms, conveying a sense of perfection and natural harmony. Enriched with a new three-hole version and bold, modern painted finishes inspired by the colors and hues of nature, the collection acquires an even more contemporary character. The new color palette combined with PVD chocolate, British gold and total black finishes accentuate the collection’s timeless elegance and style.

The second new product, Sablier, is the result of a collaboration with Monica Armani Studio. This steel collection exemplifies Zucchetti’s desire to experiment with this material and novel shapes, in a perfect blend of technology and nature. In addition to the traditional processing of brushed steel, in fact, Sablier experiments with a new surface finish using the sandblasting technique. The surfaces of the pieces treated with this new technique feature a matte effect that, by reflecting light differently, changes the look of the product, making it even softer.


Lana is the first modular radiator by Antrax IT, designed by AMDL Circle studio led by Michele De Lucchi. Featuring high thermal performance, this radiator is developed from a square tile made of recyclable aluminum with surface pleating, rounded corners, and a domed effect. Available in various sizes and customizable with material finishes, it is suitable for any interior design style.


At the Salone del Mobile 2024 Ideagroup dedicated a space to the new wellness collection, presenting the new mini-pools and their accompanying elements dedicated to the outdoors, such as the Libeccio column (in photo). Among the novelties is Helba 210, by Claudio Papa, the smallest spa in the seriesm which offers in a small space high performance and ergonomics allowing the simultaneous presence of three people. Helba 210 is available in both freestanding and built-in versions.

Also new is the Royal freestanding washbasin, with its ovoid basin, thin edges, and tapered base. Royal is made of Cristalplant, a material known for its look recalling natural stone with a soft touch effect, composed mostly of mineral fillers of high-purity aluminum trihydrates bound by Biobased® plant-derived resins (corn). A material that is also antibacterial because it is photocatalytic, recyclable at the end of its life, and restorable to scratches, bumps, and yellowing for high durability.


Antoniolupi bathroom furniture salone del bagno

Among the novelties proposed this year by Antoniolupi at the Salone del Mobile 2024, all our attention was for Fida, a bathtub designed by Marco Di Paolo, in which material, beauty and functionality meet. The outer line takes its cue from the organic shapes of river woods, which give the piece a feeling of fluidity.

The edges are beveled and the lines soft; the interior of the bathtub is an ergonomic space designed for comfort and safety. Fita fits harmoniously into different environments, giving them an original atmosphere. Organic yet symmetrical, restrained yet provocative, it meets multiple needs. It can be made of solid surfaces, stone or marble, becoming a real scenic sculpture carved out of a monolith.

We always use natural stone in a conscious and moderate way,” says Marco Di Paolo, “because natural stones are only available to a limited extent; they have formed over time under the influence of many natural forces. Each stone or marble is unique and inimitable, which stimulates our creativity.


Duravit launched the complete Aurena bathroom series, characterized by perfect contours and precise proportions, at the Salone del Mobile 2024. With its wide assortment of colors, sizes and finishes, Aurena is perfect for any luxury bathroom style.

Among the highlights of Aurena washbasins are their large surfaces and organized storage spaces, combined with elegant aesthetics. Models are available in four colors – white, matte satin white, black, and matte black – and feature built-in dividers to keep storage spaces perfectly organized. The ceramic countertop washbasins are real eye-catchers and the HygieneGlaze Plus feature makes them especially hygienic and easy to clean.

Finally, bathroom furniture from the Duravit Aurena series can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted. Thanks to the wide range of available finishes, it is possible to personalize every project.


Among the many new features from Vismaravetro at the Salone del Mobile 2024 is Suite, an innovative modular system, in crystal and aluminum, with a height of up to 300 cm, which now allows glass of different finishes to be combined in the same element. Its new configuration, in fact, makes it possible to use different glass to create new effects or simply give a greater effect of privacy.

Moreover, SUITE’s hinged door, normally opening only outward, now allows opening inward as well, for further convenience and simpler maintenance.

The partition inside SUITE also changes its character: previously a fixed wall dividing the dry area from the wet area, it now functions as a real door allowing for the transition from the shower to the dry area, without losing its extraordinary water-tightness. A system that, going beyond traditional limits, enables new and original configurations whose level of technical innovation guarantees high performance standards.


The perfect balance of cutting-edge materials and innovative functionality define the heart and soul of In-Wash Insignia®, Roca‘s smart toilet, a reference in the digitization of the bathroom experience. This smart toilet is equipped with cutting-edge technology and made with the best features, materials and coatings.

In-Wash Insignia® offers different flushing jets, depending on individual preferences. The front soft wash sprays water from nine different sources for gentle washing. While the rear multi-flow one allows you to choose among three different wash modes. The options for both can be configured in detail and easily saved via the dedicated app. In-Wash Insignia® also offers state-of-the-art drying. In fact, performance is brought to drying by making the most of the Coanda effect, in which fluids tend to follow surfaces. This principle, an inspiration in the design of the nozzle, directs air to the precise spot where it is needed.

The In-Wash Insignia® also features In-Tank® technology, an innovation exclusive to Roca, in which the water tank is integrated into the bowl. In-Tank® maximizes available space by unifying aesthetics and practicality in the bathroom. Finally, the mobile app allows you to adjust the settings and duration of each process, schedule daily operations, as well as maintenance and cleaning. On top, Roca Connect IoT service monitors water consumption and issues warnings, alerts and saving insights thanks to integrated systems.

Cristina Rubinetterie

Blade by Cristina Rubinetterie emerges as an expression of a new paradigm in faucet design, embodying a perfect blend of aesthetics and cutting-edge engineering. The design of Blade is defined by sharp and precise cuts that sculpt its form, giving it a sophisticated and distinctive appearance. These elements are not merely decorative but contribute to a flawless fusion between the spout and body, reflecting light with crystal clarity and outlining a modern aesthetic.

The lever, strategically positioned above the body of the faucet, resembles a thin blade and is the result of advanced technological development that underlines and completes the artistic vision of the design.
With a Ø25 cartridge for countertop models and an aerator that limits the flow to 5.62 liters per minute, Blade stands out for its water efficiency and adaptability to different environments, making it ideal for contemporary spaces where style meets sustainability. Blade is not just a simple mixing faucet but a sensory experience that enriches the environment with a touch of elegance and precision. The series offers a wide range of finishes: chrome, matte black, alux, brushed PVD rose gold, glossy and brushed black chrome, brushed metallic, brushed PVD gold brass.

On the other hand, the new KT455 mixing faucet belongs to the new Cristina H2O+ collection. It represents the electronic evolution of the KT450, maintaining its aesthetics but enriching it with advanced features. KT455 offers six different water options (from natural to sparkling passing through intermediate positions: slightly sparkling/slightly natural) allowing for unprecedented customization. Moreover, it includes automatic shutdown after one minute of dispensing.

Fima Carlo Frattini

The heart of SLIDE, the new 316 Inox steel mixing faucet by Fima Carlo Frattini, presented at the Salone del Mobile 2024, is its revolutionary opening mode. Now, in fact, thanks to a refined mechanism based on the sliding of two cylindrical portions on an inclined plane, it is possible to precisely adjust the water flow with a simple pressure. To move the SLIDE control, you press downward – or toward the wall if the products are intended for recessed installation – for an effortless and practical user experience.

SLIDE’s 316 stainless steel body is available in various shades in the brushed finish: Black Chrome, Nickel, Amber Bronze, Champagne and Gold. To ensure maximum customization, to these are then added the different materials available for the two portions of the control, a key element of this design also from the point of view of expression. Therefore, marble combined with steel draws sophisticated, unchanging, timeless surfaces, while wood accentuates the tactile contrast between the two elements. Completing the range of finishes is resin: a special composition that combines the functional aspect with the more purely decorative one with various effects, from tortoiseshell to ivory up to mother-of-pearl, giving a glamorous and exclusive touch that softens even the more technological features of steel.


Megius spa salone del mobile bathroom furniture

The Zen shower by Megius joins the wellness sector with two new products: Zen Idro and Hammam.
Their stylistic mood recalls the minimalist profile of the Zen shower, further enhancing the glass through plays of transparencies and enriching it with fixed shelves available in multiple sizes.

The presence of 6mm glass, with protective treatment included, makes the structure bright and airy; while the internal walls are multi-layer panels in aluminum and water-repellent laminate, a wear- and water-resistant material. The pivot door is characterized by the classic 580 mm linear bridge handle, which further defines and enhances the linearity and verticality of the product.

Both models can be adapted to different environments: corner, wall or niche solutions with central hinged door are in fact available. The solutions can be installed on the floor, on a Megius Technart shower tray or on any other shower tray. Inside Zen Idro / Hammam, the presence of the integrated seat in Iroko wood allows you to enjoy the wellness experience to the fullest, guaranteeing complete relaxation.

In the Zen Idro version, you will find a hand shower, back water jets, 20x20cm multifunction shower head, waterfall and all water functions. In the Hammam, in addition to the Zen Idro functions, there is an on-off Turkish bath button and chromotherapy on the roof as well as integrated Bluetooth.


Inda presents the new Brushed Gold and Brushed Gun Metal finishes, available on accessories and shower walls, including the new INDISSIMA corner version with sliding wall, which takes the concept of a minimal frame to the extreme, offering maximum design flexibility. The new proposal, characterized by clean and elegant lines, represents the perfect blend of refined design and the most complete functionality for an agile use of spaces. The 200 cm high shower walls are assembled thanks to bearings glued with the innovative UV technology guaranteeing the lowest aesthetic impact.

With a view to a coordinated total look, the brushed gold and brushed gun metal reflections of the new finishes also enhance the synthetic geometries of the INDISSIMA accessories line – designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez – giving life to products with a unique elegance.

RONAL Bathrooms

At the Salone del Mobile 2024 RONAL Bathrooms presented four innovative bathroom compositions that take new aesthetic and functional paths. Following a trend already established in other living spaces, Metal introduces exclusive metal surfaces into the bathroom area. Color offers color-coordinated total bathroom solutions. Wellness includes sauna, hammam and wellness tubs accompanied by the intelligent shower solution INMAN Insens, which controls and saves both energy and water sustainably. Lastly, Space combines aesthetics and functionality in high-end space-saving solutions.


Marco Piva chose stainless steel for the new faucet collection designed for Frattini and presented and the Salone del Mobile 2024.

Linear and essential, the new faucet is made of AISI 316L stainless steel with a brushed finish and is resistant to all types of external aggression. Its cylindrical and slender body rises from a thin and light square base. The handle, without cuts on the back, is an alternating prism of full-height triangles, expressing a refined and rigorous geometry. Thanks to special state-of-the-art welding, the spout is ultra-thin and equipped with an adjustable jet and a water-saving aerator (max 6 liters/minute) as required by regulations.

With over 30 items in the catalogue, ALINE offers the most complete solutions for the bathroom, starting from faucets for the bathtub, shower, bidet and 7 different solutions for the washbasin.

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