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Catellani & Smith presents the new 2024-2025 Catalogue

Catellani & Smith presents the new 2024-2025 Catalogue, containing both new products and updates to existing models

The new 2024-2025 Catellani & Smith Catalogue (you can browse it here) contains both new products and updates to existing models. This volume maintains the graphic and illustrative character of the previous editions, to facilitate consultation for customers and to underscore the brand awareness aspect.

Catellani & Smith
Par 18 Chandelier

Il dorso del catalogo quest’anno si presenta con un’energica tonalità arancio che ben si abbina alla finitura naturale della copertina rigida, in cui risalta il logo aziendale dorato. Oltre alle immagini di prodotto, come sempre caratterizzate dall’inconfondibile sfondo blu, nel Catalogo si possono trovare numerose nuove immagini di alcuni dei progetti realizzati in collaborazione con professionisti e architetti, che valorizzano lo stile e la bellezza delle lampade, ambientate in spazi contract o residenziali.

What’s new

The signature feature of the new Par 18 series, composed of the striking Par 18 Chandelier and the Par 18 wall lamp, is the spherical “golf glass” element, shaped in a mold specifically designed by Bohemian master glassmakers based on specifications and drawings by Catellani & Smith. Inspired by a delicate flower, the new For You features a rice paper shade composed of “petals” that emits a warm, amber-colored light.

Another new addition to this year’s collection is the sculptural Bellatrix lamp, reminiscent of the star with the same name in the Orion constellation. Bellatrix shines as bright as the heavenly body that inspired its name, thanks to the gold-colored leaf that covers the whole of the aluminum disc with a large 120-cm diameter.

In addition to the new products, the Catalogue also features updates to a number of models that Catellani & Smith presented last year. The oval screen of Disco is now circular, and inside the fiberglass spheres of the PostKrisi Chandelier, the original 12V LED bulbs have been replaced with brighter 24Vdc LED bulbs.

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