Pietrelli Porte

Pietrelli Porte at the InterContinental Rome Ambasciatori Palace Hotel

Pietrelli Porte embellishes the walls of the InterContinental Rome Ambasciatori Palace Hotel, confirming its leadership in the international high-end contract market

Pietrelli Porte embellishes the walls of the InterContinental Rome Ambasciatori Palace Hotel with 160 room entrance doors with custom-lacquered applied frames, EI60 certified with 34 dB sound insulation. These doors feature external custom-designed capital, brass-plated comb hinges, Vingcard electronic lock, and recessed Dorma door closer.

Pietrelli Porte

In addition to the entrance doors, Pietrelli Porte also supplied those of the bathrooms. They are smooth and custom-lacquered, equipped with brass-plated comb hinges, magnetic lock and brass-plated handle with vacant/engaged bolt. The company also provided the hotel with the doors of all communal spaces.

Pietrelli Porte: The history

F.lli Pietrelli was founded in 1960, when two brothers, Guido and Leandro Pietrelli, opened a small 100 sqm workshop in Bellocchi di Fano (Marche Region, Italy) to produce handmade wooden frames. Later, due to excellent quality achievements, they decided to specialize in wooden doors only, transforming F.lli Pietrelli into Pietrelli Porte.

Over the years, while preserving a family-based management, the company has become a large-sized firm. Today, fifty years after its foundation, it is a leader in the international market of design-oriented building contractors. The company has, in fact, found its own market niche by adopting specific strategies in the management of activities and in manufacturing processes aimed at meeting customers’ needs with high-quality, 100% Made in Italy handcrafted products in the best way possible.

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InterContinental Rome Ambasciatori Palace Hotel

InterContinental Rome Ambasciatori Palace is a luxurious hotel in the center of Rome. Its 160 rooms and suites are decorated in warm tones, natural materials, embellished with neoclassical and contemporary details.

It opened its doors in 1905 as the “Palazzo degli Ambasciatori,” the residence for ambassadors visiting Rome. From 1946 to 1993, it housed the Library of the United States Embassy. The hotel is on Via Veneto, the avenue of glamour, cinema, a crossroads for actors, musicians, and internationally renowned artists as well as the setting of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, home to paparazzi, and, of course, the street of five-star hospitality in Rome.

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