antoniolupi participates in WhiteCARRARA 2024

antoniolupi participates in WhiteCARRARA, the event held from 14 to 29 June 2024 in the beautiful city of Carrara

From 14 to 29 June 2024, Carrara hosts WhiteCARRARA, the event that celebrates marble, Italian style and local excellence with a widespread exhibition of iconic pieces that have written the history of design, accompanied by the display of contemporary objects created by local companies and workshops.

Sketch of Piazza Alberica

Throughout the summer, the event will transform the historic center of Carrara into an outdoor gallery, where beauty and creativity can be admired even in disused spaces. Some projects realized in the past will return and will be unveiled in the squares and streets of the city, to dialogue with the works of contemporary talents for a fascinating encounter between different generations.

Lights on Introverso and Pixel by antoniolupi in Carrara

During the event, antoniolupi will exhibit in Piazza Alberica the Introverso and Pixel washbasins, designed by Paolo Ulian. The two artefacts, which have become icons of the Tuscan brand, are displayed on marble pedestals offering an exceptional stage for these works of art.

Introverso is a project whose three-dimensional shape is outlined by a regular series of cuts made by a numerically controlled machine. In this way, thin marble blades are formed whose exterior edges, once broken, reveal the raw sculpture hidden inside. The marble block loses its monolithic appearance and is transformed into something ethereal, transparent, enclosing a secret soul. This soul can remain hidden, revealing the subtle play of light, or can be revealed slowly by breaking the edges of the blades. The idea is to have a marble object that can be used both in its original version and customized, thanks to the possibility of revealing the hidden soul by breaking these edges.


On the other hand, Pixel is an expression of subtracting many small pieces. The name says it all: a pixel is a point-like element that makes up a digital image. The breakdown in individual pixels of the surface, a kind of three-dimensional mosaic, gives an unprecedented look to Pixel marble washbasin. Tradition meets technology in a dismantled, sectioned standardized form, intersected by an orthogonal lattice, a cylindrical volume on which the machine has mapped out a clear and definite sign following a project that enables endless composition possibilities. The look of this freestanding washbasin can constantly change as one’s imagination can take shape by eliminating some pieces. The image is revealed; the essence comes to light.

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