Ventana ventilconvettore Cordivari

Ventana, the ultra-technological fan coils from Cordivari

Ventana® from Cordivari is the complete range of fan coils for heating and cooling offering an ultra-slim and technological design

Ventana® is the range of hot and cold fan coils featured in Cordivari’s new “Heat Pump Fan Coils and Radiators” catalog. It allows for four different installation solutions: regular, the standard wall solution; low, with a compact and low design; high wall, for high on-wall installation; and recessed, for recessed installation on vertical walls.

Ventana fan coil unit Cordivari

All solutions stand out for their elegant ultra-slim design, with a depth of only 129 mm. Moreover, the regular and low versions feature reversible connections for maximum installation flexibility without the need of buying additional components.

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Maximum customization

Ventana® can be customized in the over 80 colors of the Cordivari Color System, including glossy, matte and textured shades, for the ultimate in style and efficiency in any home or office environment.

Technology and connectivity

The elegance of Ventana® meets technology and connectivity, offering a range of device management solutions:

  • STAND-ALONE management: all Ventana® models can be managed in stand-alone mode through one of the available control thermostats. Each terminal can be controlled, managed and programmed independently of all other terminals that may be present in the system.
  • MASTER-SLAVE management: the entire Ventana® range is set up for management in a master-slave configuration, which involves several units connected to the same thermostat acting as the main manager of the settings, creating a wired network of fan coils.
  • IoT management: the most advanced smart configuration for home use. With the Wi-Fi control thermostat, Ventana® models can be conveniently managed in IoT mode via the Smart Life app, managing all features and programming remotely, either in stand-alone logic or in groups or levels.


Ventana is equipped with energy-efficient DC Inverter motors and 4 different power sizes are available to meet every air conditioning need. It also offers a touch control display and air speed flow modulation for maximum comfort. Lastly, it ensures maximum quietness, thanks to its motor and fan technology.

Discover the latest from Cordivari at Fuorisalone 2024

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