Brera pergola bioclimatica Pratic

Brera by Pratic at Hotel Baia Azzurra in Arco

Brera, the bioclimatic pergola by Pratic chosen for Hotel Baia Azzurra in Arco, near Trento

Brera, the bioclimatic pergola by Pratic defines the outdoor area of Hotel Baia Azzurra in Arco (Trento). Recently renovated, the hotel is located on the shores of Lake Garda. Overlooking the beach and surrounded by greenery, it offers breathtaking views and authentic well-being.

Brera, the bioclimatic pergola by Pratic

The outdoor concept of Hotel Baia Azzurra was realized by Prato Verde Outdoor Living and designed by D4L Cestele architetti. The elegant and functional outdoor area houses nine Brera units, Pratic’s bioclimatic pergola. Placed side by side, the modules form an automated system that extends over thirty-four meters and blends seamlessly with the façade. Here, guests can take a seat for breakfast, dinner or an aperitif on the lake, while enjoying contact with nature and a pleasant shelter from the sun and light rain.

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Brera bioclimatic pergola Pratic

Design and technology

The Brera pergolas are the result of a careful study that combines design and high technology to ensure a sustainable and optimal use of outdoor areas. Thanks to its retractable blades, sliding backwards until compacting in a narrow space, the roof can be completely opened towards the zenith, providing a full view of the panorama and letting the natural light in. Moreover, blades can be stopped at any middle position in order to adjust air circulation and shading degree at will. This is also achieved by unrolling the Raso drop-down awnings, which are fully integrated in the profiles. Completely recessed, the awnings feature an essential aesthetic and offer greater functionality, whilst creating a welcoming ambience and helping to keep a pleasant temperature under the pergola. In addition, built-in weather sensors can be used to activate the opening and closing of the blades and awnings depending on the weather conditions, such as wind or sun.

Brera bioclimatic pergola Pratic

Eco-friendly customization

To match the style of the hotel, the designers have opted for a monochromatic palette with light and bright tones. This ivory color was made in-house within Pratic coating plant, where customized and low-impact coatings are produced by using paints certified for resistance to salt, humidity and UV rays.

In harmony with nature

The outdoor area of Hotel Baia Azzurra in Arco is in perfect harmony with its surroundings. In fact, the project follows the irregularities of the centuries-old bougainvillea found along the entire façade. This is why brackets, fixed to the façade of the building, support a beam on which the Brera pergola frames rest, preserving the beauty of the plants and adapting to the unique layout of this structure.

Photo: Flavio Graffi

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