iDesign 2024, the design week of Southern Italy

iDesign, the design week of Southern Italy, returns to Palermo from September 27 to October 6, 2024 with exhibitions, inaugurations, talks and conferences in many places of the city

The 12th edition of iDesign is just around the corner. The longest-running design week in Southern Italy returns to Palermo from September 27 to October 6, 2024 with the concept ANDAR PER MONDI. Design moving through time and space. A new edition aimed at exploring the different meanings of travel in the physical, mental and spiritual sense.

iDESIGN 2024 Palermo

Travelling design

The event will explore design in relation to travel as an adventure, experimentation of new practices and awareness of the needs that lead to migration and hybridization in the course of life. Travelling humanity, by moving and reconstructing itself elsewhere, also becomes the starting point for investigating the theme of mobility.

A preview of iDesign 2024

During iDesign 2024 many events and installations will be hosted in the most beautiful buildings in Palermo. Below are some of them.

Mediterraneo Operandi, a journey into the inspiration of the Mediterranean sea, curated by Paolo Casicci and Giuseppe Arezzi with Accademia Abadir. With its setup, the exhibition wants to reproduce an environment inspired by the tradition that inspired academy students to create the furniture collection and textile accessories.

iDesign 2024 Palermo
Stamperia Braille

Bags Pipes. A tailoring workshop and exhibition on soundscapes with Vittorio Ugo Vicari and Maurizio Cuzzocrea, as well as a performance exploring the relationships of ethnomusicology and the craft production of musical instruments of oral tradition, with the expressive forms of contemporaneity. The journey will be the main theme.

Tutte le piante del mondo. Curated by Accademia di Palermo, the installation explores the migration of plants in relation to human movements on the planet.

iDesign 2023

La collezione Grillo, curated by Paolo Casicci, Gabriele D’Angelo and Vittorio Venezia. Through a specific setup, the exhibition shows the “journey through time” of typical local furnishings, objects and customs.

Fare comunità a cavallo di un tornio. A photo exhibition and an installation by gentilgesto® – Delia Russo and Massimiliano Cecconi – document the exchange of knowledge and experiences with the inhabitants of the places visited by a ceramologist and an artist, during a road trip from Sicily to Romagna, accompanied by a potter’s wheel. There will also be other exhibitions, conversations, designers, music, testimonials and more to explore culture and design from around the world.

iDesign 2024 Palermo
Gentilgesto Ceramiche

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