Fascio Minma Collection maniglia

Minima Collection, the handles of the future

Frascio presents Minima Collection: six new handles with a small diameter that appear as one with the door

Fascio Minima Collection handle

Frascio presents Minima, the new handle collection characterized by small dimensions, designed to furnish the places of the future with elegance and lightness. The new 30 mm diameter rose allows it to integrate with the neck of the handle, so that it appears as one with the door.

The six models in the Minima collection stand out for their bold shapes, small dimensions and a green approach as it uses aluminum, known for its lightness and recyclability.

It is currently available in the Satin Chrome, Trend Bronze, Matte Black, Matte White finishes. In addition, three more finishes are being developed: Ral Pearle Beige, Ral Pearle Orange and Ral Pearle Gentian Blue.

Pictured, QUARTO, designed by BCF Design

Fascio Minima Collection handle

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