#Youngtalents and ‘adaptable living’

Room for Milk is a multidisciplinary studio that focuses on flexibility and personalization. Through this concept, individuals have the ability to accessorize and influence, thus making it their own.

Adaptable Living’ is a concept that shows how allowing the individual to customize their furnishings around their own lifestyle, creates a new connection to one’s own furniture and creating a comfortable living.

Flap Mirrors

Flexibility and personalization as the key features of ‘Pivot’: the shelves can be positioned into a straight position; catty corner to match the angle of the walls; or simply become a partition. The main frame allows it to function as a clothes hanger, or simply as a personal home gallery where photos can be displayed inside the frame.

{%CAPTION%}‘Light Cradle’ is a lighting fixture with features inspired by the comforting nature of the baby cradle and rocking stool. A simple gesture drawn transversally, mimicking a single stroke of a brush creates a sensation of openness in the spatial framework with balance. It is produced with the help of the latest 3D-pipe bending technology allowing for precise adjustments. [Text A.M.] www.roomformilk.net

Light Cradles


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