QB, the Modular Stone Bookcase with Fossil Algae

Between modern design and geological past, QB by Laboratorio del Marmo is a unique bookcase that plays with materials and a basic module: a square staggered in a square to create movement

QB by Laboratorio del Marmo by Grassi Pietre is a bookcase that is uncommon for the chosen material and its modular composition: it is made of stone, including fossil algae, and is composed of large volumes arranged in an apparently random sequence.

Designed by Renza Calabrese, QB is made of polished ‘Bianco Avorio’ Vicenza Stone with fossil algae. Modular and functional, it is composed of stone blocks arranged one above the other in an apparently random way.

Its design is focused on the sequence of superimposed squares, containing rotated squares, which can be assembled both vertically and horizontally. The essential forms, the harmonious proportions, the purity of the material and the Vicenza stone, which, in this ivory white color, is enhanced by shades of beige and characterized by a so-called ‘flowery’ appearance due to fossil algae make QB a unique design furnishing, with a sculptural and timeless look, suitable for the most diverse spaces. [Text Carlotta Russo]

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