Designer Screens Reinvent Privacy

Colé, young and sophisticated Milanese brand, re-proposes the screen as an accessory to create privacy in today’s living and working spaces

Opto screen by Lorenz + Kaz for Colé

In the shared and open-plan spaces of today’s homes, what could be better than a screen to create some privacy? Colé, brand founded by Matteo De Ponti and Laura Macagno in 2011, knows it and has launched customizable screens inspired by the works of 19th century’s artists.

Kazimir screen by Julia Dozsa for Colé

Always attentive to the service offered by its products, Colé launches the new collection of ironic and light screens that have their roots in the craftsmanship of those who made them and illustrate the creative path followed to design them.

Kazimir screen by Julia Dozsa for Colé

This is Kazimir, inspired by the colorful paintings by Kazimir Severinovich Malevich – a Russian and then a Soviet painter, a pioneer of the artistic avant-garde in his country – reinterpreted with rounded shapes and bright colors in Julia Dozsa’s project.

Telo screen by Lorenz + Kaz for Colé

Linear, almost ascetic-like, the Telo screen has a solid wood frame characterized by an essential, geometric shape, supporting a cloth that serves as a screen and as a decorative element.

Opto screen by Lorenz + Kaz for Colé

Opto is inspired by the paintings by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, painter, photographer and teacher at the Bauhaus. A simple oak frame, carefully studied in its irregular geometry, surrounds laser-cut metal panels available in four colors. [Text Giulia Bruno]

Opto by Lorenz + Kaz, here in the black version, defines the relaxation corner highlighting Sushi Kart, the pivoting cart by Lorenza Bozzoli for Colé

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