Liòn, Stylish Restaurant and Cocktail Bar in the Heart of Rome

Liòn is a new restaurant and cocktail bar in Rome, a few steps from the Pantheon, full of atmosphere, with revisited decorations from the 20th century, vivid colors and sinuous lines that soften its spaces

In Rome, between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, on Largo della Sapienza to be precise, a historical building of the fascist era hosts Liòn, the restaurant and cocktail bar designed by COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO – Rome-based architecture firm founded by architect Daniela Colli – for Emidio and Fabrizio Pacini and Andrea Girolami. The three Roman entrepreneurs are the owners of the Tridente Collection boutique hotel chain, who wanted to improve the area of Largo della Sapienza – also opening the Palazzo Navona hotel –and to revitalize via del Melone.

The restaurant spreads over two levels: the ground floor, with the tables and the bar area, has large windows with travertine frames, a typical detail of Roman fascist architecture, that can be opened during warm seasons, offering the possibility of having lunch or dinner in the open air. A precious marble staircase with brass details leads to the basement level, which hosts the restrooms, the kitchen and the wine cellar.

The space and furnishings are teal, turquoise and red, vivid colors that are in perfectly harmony. The lines are bold and soft and the prevailing shape in this project is the circle. Sinuous and dynamic lines characterize the interiors: from the thin arched decorations to the three-dimensional diamond screens of the teal boiserie, to the curves of the supports of the diamond bottle rack hanging over the counter. Furniture is tailor-made and enriched by metal details such as cutlery tray drawers or menu holder compartments. Thin metal structures frame colorful transparent elements such as the discs hanging over the black marble tables.                                                                                                       

The use of stained glass is an architectural decoration that dates back to the early 20th century, here with a contemporary twist. The use of geometric shapes and primary colors is inspired by the research of Frank Lloyd Wright, a master of 20th century American architecture, on the dynamic relationship between light screens and continuous, fluid interiors. Two columns, clad with turquoise mosaic tiles, flank the long counter in milled brass, making the interiors even more precious. Liòn is a refined restaurant that combines good cuisine with curated interiors, perfect for those who want to have a stylish break from the frenzied pace of the city! [Text Carlotta Russo]

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