‘Stay in Bed’: The Exhibition between Art and Cocooning at Natevo by Flou

In Milan, the Natevo showroom hosts ‘Stay in Bed’, Bixio Braghieri’s exhibition that invites us to spend more time in bed to pamper ourselves and think..

In line with its cultivated and refined spirit, Natevo hosts Stay in Bed, Fabrizio ‘Bixio’ Braghieri’s solo exhibition, until March 7th, 2019, at the showroom at via De Amicis 53/55, Milan.

The NatevobyFlou showroom, via De Amicis, Milan

An original and irreverent artist, ‘Bixio’ Braghieri invites us to “stay in bed”, to stop and reflect, take care of ourselves, see with new eyes the objects around us.

‘Bixio’ Braghieri presents Stay in Bed at the NatevobyFlou showroom

Stay in Bed is promoted by Flou-Natevo in partnership with the art gallery Glauco Cavaciuti Arte and is hosted among innovative furnishing solutions, in the elegant and harmonious atmosphere of the showroom – the first that was inaugurated by Natevo in Milan, in 2017, a few steps away from Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci.

‘Il Bugiardone’ by Bixio Braghieri

Pinocchio, the symbol of lies, is made of many patient information leaflets (a pun on bugiardino, the Italian word for the patient information leaflet, but literally ‘little liar’, and bugiardone, ‘big liar’). His ‘Cuori fragili’ (‘fragile hearts’) in this giant version become the headboard of a Flou-Natevo bed, a call to love, care and sensitivity.

‘Cuori fragili’ by Bixio Braghieri

Art and daily life, creative expression and freedom of communication are the values shared by Flou-Natevo products and the artist, who, in the exhibition concept of Stay in Bed, presents heterogeneous works connected to the trend of cocooning, whose roots lie in the noble art of otium. [Text Giulia Bruno]

‘Fashion Tanks’ from the project Fashion Victims by Bixio Braghieri

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