Made Expo to discover innovation and sustainable architecture

Safe and sustainable buildings

Quality of living” is the focus of Made Expo 2019, the ninth edition of the exhibition dedicated to architecture and building techniques. It is held in Rho-Fieramilano from 8 to 11 March 2019 and focuses on sustainability, innovation and safety.

Made Expo at Rho-Fieramilano

Made Expo: four exhibitions in one

Made Expo 2019 is divided into four shows, each for a specific field of activity, Construction and Materials, Building and Windows, Interior and FinishingSoftware, Technologies and Services.

Rubner booth at Made Expo

The impact of digitisation on the construction supply chain is a key feature of this year’s exhibition, where the four exhibitions showcase the most innovative solutions. These advanced solutions make it possible to have increasingly sustainable, safe and comfortable houses, thanks to building techniques, finishings, windows, home automation and design software.

Architecture Expo, conferenza AIA, New York, 2018.

Finally, at Made Expo 2019 an important role is played by interior architecture, with the suggestions of the side exhibitions, and with the international competition Archmaraton Selections, which involves 30 major international studios. A series of meetings dedicated to hospitality, in Focus on Hospitality, open an eye on the opportunities of the hospitality industry for architecture and design.

Italian Moodboards alla Conferenza AIA a Ne York, 2018.


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