Freedhome by Caccaro, for those who love to keep the house perfectly tidy

Freedhome by Caccaro is a structured system to furnish the walls of your home, to keep everything perfectly tidy. The modules of various sizes are suited for designing vertical surfaces and at the same time for storage of all the items in every room of the house.

Changing-depth unit.

Doors with full opening, folding, sliding, glass, wooden, double depth modules, push-pull openings, TV stand modules, or for the fireplace: the system Freedhome by Caccaro offers an infinite choice, for a fully customized home.

Unit for the fireplace.

A patented mechanism for the total opening of the doors makes the sliding smooth and very silent, perfect for cabinest and walk-in closets in the bedroom. Moreover, water-based paints are ideal for domestic environments.

Freedhome di Caccaro, wardrobe with total-opening doors.

The Freedhome system is equipped with built-in LED lighting, which makes the light very important for the furniture. The low-energy light can be adjusted with an app, for smartphone or tablet.

Wardrobe with wooden and glass doors.

And finally, the Freedhome system comes with a number of accessories, to design and arrange the interiors according to the needs and spaces: wardrobe or walk-in closet for clothes and clothing accessories, pantry for the kitchen, cabinet for the bathroom, TV stand or other units for the living area.


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