Antonio Aricò: le radici e le ali

At the Milan Design Week, the artist-designer presents the video documentary “Le radici e le ali” (The roots and the wings), at the Arci Bellezza club.

Antonio Aricò was born in 1983 in Reggio Calabria, in the south of Italy, an area surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, where the air is so full of scents. The first self-produced collection, “Back Home“, presented in 2012 at Ventura Lambrate, is based on the concept of craftsmanship and self-production, enriched by industrial design.

The Calabrian designer likes to work with an artisan approach, more like an artist, encouraging the use and recovery of abandoned materials and techniques, to get closer to his own traditions. An example of this approach can be found in the 2018 installation at Ventura Centrale, “Una stanza” (A room), in association with Editamateria.

He has collaborated with many brands such as Barilla, Alessi, Bialetti (of which he was artistic director in 2017), just to name a few. His bond with local craftsmanship and the desire for new experiences with companies, led him to “Le radici e le ali” (The roots and the wings) a video documentary to be seen on April 8, 2019, at 7 p.m. at the Arci Bellezza in Milan. The film features ‘the artistic figure’ of the author himself through storytelling. For information: [Text Roberta Mutti]

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