Milan Design Week 2019: Isola Design District

Unlimited Design is the leading topic of Isola Design District 2019, now in its third edition. A strong message: design in every shape. The purpose of the district, one of the most recent in the history of Milan’s design districts, is to establish itself as a community of emerging designers and studios, with a focus on research and innovation, combining craftsmanship and new materials.

DesignByThem, collezione Cabin, Isola Design District.

Design and innovation

3M’s innovative technology and design inspired the setting up on the rear window of Stecca 3.0, the leading event in the Isola area. Paola Silva Coronel, architect and 3M consultant, and Byron Trotter, product development specialist at 3M, designed a “drawing board” featuring all 3M finishes.

Studio Apeiron, Isola Design District

The location in via de Castillia 26 is hosting this year an authentic Design Village, with several innovative projects. Here, at Stecca 3.0, you can drink in a bar entirely printed in 3D, designed by Caracol Studio, made with biopolymers of natural origin, biodegradable, and lit by Delta Light‘s Superloop lamps.

Isola Design District Fioroni

Unlimited Design Talks

Stecca 3.0 will also host daily events, starting with the Unlimited Design Talks: six days of training with talks, insights and workshops organized by The District – an online platform dedicated to designers to facilitate the search for collaborators and opportunities in the creative field – on different topics related to design, including digital manufacturing, illustration, product. In the evening, on the other hand, there will be entertainment with events curated by Nicola and Giulio Nicoletti from 24 PR & Events, in collaboration with Eat Urban, the festival of urban street food and electronic music. Among the sponsors, Nastro Azzurro.

Isola Design District, Ocean Drive by April Key

Milan Design Market

Among the different locations of the Isola Design District, there will be many exhibitions with collections of furniture, lighting and more, such as the Milan Design Market. In Pepe street 36, Studio Apeiron will also be present, exhibiting its new line of experimental eco-sustainable and rented furniture, costing only 1 euro per day: an international trend which is revolutioning the furniture market, along with real estate.

Isola Design District, Milan Design Market

Again on the subject of sustainability, in the Rivaviva showroom in via Porro Lambertenghi, the main players is the environment-friendly furniture projects, which is enriched by the new line of unique pieces by the artist Maurizio Nazzaretto and the interior designer Alessandra Taravacci.

Table by Maurizio Nazzareno, at Rivaviva, Isola Design District

ADI at Palazzo Lombardia

The Belvedere of Palazzo Lombardia hosts the exhibition “LightRevolution. Design enlightening life”, produced by ADI – Associazione del Design Industriale – Lombardy delegation. Products and images related to light, from the selections of the Compasso d’Oro, build an iconographic path on the evolution of lighting sources over time. The Belvedere will be open to the public from Tuesday to Thursday from 6.30 pm to 11 pm, Friday from 4 pm to 11 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 11 pm.

Isola Design District, Ocean Drive by April Key

La Fabbrica del Vapore

Finally, the new entry 2019 at Isola Design District is the Fabbrica del Vapore, historical location of Milano Design Week, with many events, such as Paratissima, dedicated to art and design; Design No Brand, an exhibition curated by Milano Makers, dedicated to the circular economy; Design delle Parole, an exhibition by the artist Marco Nereo Rotelli with Alessio Bertallot, and more.

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