Everything’s Ready for the Design Week

Cooking and design meet for a project inspired by The Wizard of Oz. Also for this year’s Design Week, Marco Ambrosino, the chef of 28 Posti, teams up with designer Odo Fioravanti.

During the Design Week, at DDN Phutura, it will be possible to try on the new glasses from the Tommy Hilfiger collection thanks to an interactive technology: the “Magic Mirror” scans the face of the visitors and collects anatomical data to recommend the best Tommy Hilfiger by Safilo glasses for their face. After finding the right glasses, visitors will be able to take a picture wearing them and post it on their social profiles. All this will be possible in the booth dedicated to Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear by Safilo, at DDN Phutura, on piazza Castello, Milan, April 9th-14th. The exterior of the booth features transparent LED walls displaying Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear campaigns and other contents.

Lastly, a research and a workshop allowed young students to design new Mobile Homes between sustainability and design. We met the winners of the competition organized by CrippaConcept and the University of Pavia.

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