MDF Italia Acquires Acerbis

MDF Italia acquired the brand, the collection and the sales network of Acerbis, historical Italian design firm

Under the direction of Enrico Acerbis, in recent years, the namesake company has undergone a total realignment of the brand revitalizing its historic collection, whilst continuing to introduce new products and designers.

Despite closing 2018 with a remarkable growth, Acerbis is aware that, in order to compete in the global arena, it is essential to join forces with a stronger and well-structured company, capable of re-launching in the international market one of the best-known Italian furnishing brands.

MDF Italia, with the acquisition of Acerbis, embraces the opportunity to develop and expand its business in further diversified areas of the market. The union of these two brands of different origins, sharing the same passion for design and innovation, entails also the collaboration of the new generations of two familiesAcerbis and Cassina – that have been key players on the design scene for decades. [Text Roberta Mutti]

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