The Wishing Tree, Make Your Wish during Design Week 2019

The Wishing Tree, an installation dedicated to dialogue and poetry, between design, good food and the charm of the Chiostri di San Barnaba in Milan

The installation by Società Umanitaria in Milan attracted about 200 people, who found themselves ‘making their wishes’ on a piece of paper and hanging it on a large laurel

200 people took part in the inauguration of the installation The Wishing Tree of the Società Umanitaria di Milano, on Tuesday, April 9th, 2019. Surrounded by a rural atmosphere, lighting takes the visitor on a poetic journey.


The ‘wishing tree’ is a large laurel tree with 500 red threads tied to its branches, ready to accommodate everybody’s wishes. Società Umanitaria, a historic institution in Milan, dedicated to the moral and cultural improvement of citizens, inside the Chiostro delle Statue at Via San Barnaba 48, hosts the thoughts of ‘peace and hospitality’ of its visitors.


A project that engaged famous people and companies such as chef Andrea Alfieri from restaurant Il Chiostro di Andrea, the company Curiousa&Curiousa, Pink Pampas, Vitra and Millefiori. All of them fully understood the idea of social and cultural commitment and dedicate themselves to intellectual improvement with perseverance.


This weekend, visit the Chiostri di San Barnaba, brimming with history and charm, and make your wish! [Text Spencer Foil]

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