The Human-Friendly Office by Quadrifoglio Group

Quadrifoglio Group designs innovative office furniture that improves spaces to offer greater wellbeing

LightSound system with sound absorbing panels and Easy LED lamps

Quadrifoglio Group is an Italian company that designs office furniture in line with new concepts of space, thus transforming the workplace into an environment that cares for the needs of the people occupying it.

Ergonomic C-Stool chair with 5° tilted seat

The solutions proposed by Quadrifoglio Group create environments that improve working conditions, paying more attention to the health and wellbeing of the people who spend long hours in the office. Height-adjustable desks fight a sedentary lifestyle, ergonomic seats allow the back to adopt a correct posture and sound absorbing panels integrated with lighting help to ensure total comfort.

Up&Up collection of height-adjustable desks with dividing screens designed by Quadrifoglio Group to improve employees’ wellbeing

Nowadays, designing means reinterpreting the space, creating open environments including communal areas that balance rest and work. That’s why office furniture is influenced by domestic environments, with poufs and armchairs, pool tables and reading rooms.

Detail of the height adjustment system of Up&Up desks

Among the latest products by the Treviso-based company we can mention UP&UP, a collection of height-adjustable desks and dividing screens, available with 2 or 3 steps, up to a maximum height of 126.8 cm. These new desks encourage employees to reduce sedentary behaviors during working hours, for example by providing light pulses on the display that remind them to be active. Moreover, in coworking spaces, they can book a desk via their smartphone’s Bluetooth connection.

A detail of the Up&Up desk

[Text Carlotta Russo]

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