11 Reasons to Choose Ceramic Tiles According to Novoceram

Novoceram, French ceramic manufacturer since 1863, launches a communication campaign to promote the use of ceramic tiles


Due to the wide range of materials for wall surfaces and floors, Novoceram, French ceramic manufacturer since 1863, has launched a campaign to promote the advantages of ceramic tiles.


In addition to aesthetic qualities, ceramic tiles offer several technical and ecological advantages. Among the various reasons to choose ceramic tiles, Novoceram has selected eleven, including resistance to scratches, aggressive chemicals, frost and weather; environmental sustainability, easy cleaning and maintenance.


At the same time, Confindustria Ceramica (the Italian association that brings together industrial producers of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware, tableware and refractory materials) launches the campaign “Ceramic. A safe choice”, supported by Ascer, BKF, TCNA, (the Spanish, German and North American associations of ceramic tile manufacturers) and the French UNECB – Union Nationale des Entrepreneurs de Carrelage du Bâtiment.

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