BOSS Clothes Photographed by Craig McDean

“California Breeze style” perfectly contrasts to an imposing setting

Boss has created a surprising Spring/Summer 2019 ad campaign, photographed by the famous photographer Craig McDean.

A series of portraits celebrates the personality of men and women through a bold cast against an endless blue sky and powerful architectural images that reflect the DNA of the German fashion house.

Models Cara Taylor, Chu Wong, Tim Schuhmacher, Alpha Dia and Finnlay Davis are the protagonists of the campaign wearing the key pieces of the wardrobe entitled “California Breeze style”.

The mood is comfort and self-confidence, feeling appropriate for any occasion, with elegant but versatile pieces, comfortable and layered, between tailor-made and casual clothes.

Soft and pastel colors or more traditional masculine hues evoke tone-on-tone, layered combinations.

Women wear light jackets and trench coats over vests and light blouses matched with long dresses or loose trousers. Men wear design suits, traditional trench coats, airy jackets and bomber jackets with sporty drawstring trousers. [Text Alexandra Alfonso]

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