Airship.03-Fontana d’aria in Rome

In Rome, Airship.03-Fontana d’aria is a microclimate prototype to be explored through senses from 10 to 12 May 2019

Interior view, Airship.03 – Fontana d’aria, Rome (Ph: Michael Stabentheiner)

In Rome, during the Festival del Verde e del Paesaggio at Auditorium Parco della Musica, it will be possible to visit Airship.03-Fontana d’aria, from 10 to 12 May 2019. This temporary climate-landscape installation invites visitors to plunge into a multisensory experience where design and high technology meet sustainability and nature.

Exterior view, Airship.03 – Fontana d’aria, Rome (Ph: Michael Stabentheiner)

Airship.03, designed by the collective, stems from the Austrian booth in Expo Milan 2015: a green area that intrigued, amused and refreshed the audience during the hottest days, showing the relationship between Austria and the environment.

Airship.03 – Fontana d’aria, Rome (Project:

Airship.03 has chosen Rome and Festival del Verde e del Paesaggio to start a dialogue on the quality of life and air in the city. Airship.03 participates as a prototype with different functions: a green oasis in the city, a model for purifying the air, a way to encourage visitors to live an experience through their senses while reflecting on air and climate, vital resources of our time.

Vegetation, Airship.03 – Fontana d’aria, Rome (Ph: Michael Stabentheiner)

The installation interacts directly with the surrounding environment and the microclimate. On hot summer days Airship.03 becomes a refreshing oasis: thanks to ventilation and water vaporizing technology, the perceived indoor temperature is up to 5 degrees lower than outside. On rainy days, water is collected on the roof and filtered in the central tank.

[Text Arianna Callocchia]



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