The Oxygen Pool + Hydrotherapy System

Grandform presents the new Oxygen Pool + system: hydrotherapy and chromotherapy combine for greater wellness

Innovation, customization and attention to customers’ needs are Grandform’s bywords, a leading company in bathroom solutions.

Thanks to its 20 years’ experience in hydrotherapy and a smart use of technology applied to wellness, this year Grandform presents Oxygen Pool +, following the success of Oxygen Pool in 2018.

This is a new micro-bubble system that, thanks to 12 micro-injectors distributed on the bottom of the bath tub, combines the hydrating power of oxygen with the advantages of an air massage, offering complete and renewing relaxation.

This innovative technology allows oxygen bubbles to turn into a soft white cloud enveloping the user as he/she immerses into the bath tub, obtaining a soft and hydrated skin, elastic and revitalized.

Oxygen Pool + is a revolutionary, ultra-silent hydrotherapy system studied down to the last detail, able to renew body, mind and soul thanks to chromotherapy. A bath of wellness and light where visual and tactile sensations combine for a deeper relaxation. [Text Chiara Sgreccia]

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