Sicis Lounge Bar, “WOW” effect

A new Sicis concept for the entertainment venues: mosaic, glass, steel and fabrics in the bar counter designed by architect Marco Lucchi


The Sicis products can be shaped and fitted into many two and three-dimensional combinations, creating Marco Lucchi’s project for the bar counter, a setting that suits the different needs of bars, restaurants and hotels.

The bar counter, 95 cm high, can be completely customized according to the needs, from the shelves, to the cocktail or coffee stations, from the Champagne unit, to the refrigerator or to the ice machines. The height comes from the desire to create a closer relationship between the bartender and the customer, to provide a more friendly feeling.


The structure of the counter is in plywood covered in steel, while the front can be in mosaic, with a pattern of your choice, adaptable to tiles of different shapes and materials, from glass paste to steel tiles.

The impressive handrail running along the counter is made of steel and is lit by a LED system which illuminates the decoration.

The “Wow” effect is the goal of the architect Lucchi for his project; to create this special atmosphere he designed a lounge made of backlit panels by Vetrite Gem Glass on both walls and ceilings. [Text Paola Molteni]


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