Design Diffusion Video News: Premio Architettura Toscana, the best colors for your kids’ bedroom, Peck

Encouraging reflection on contemporary architecture was the goal of Premio Architettura Toscana. The winners were proclaimed in Florence.

In the rooms of younger children pink and green are calming and soothing colors, while, as they grow up, light blue and some hints of green may stimulate both mental and physical relaxation. Light and color are the main protagonists also at school, where pupils should perceive the space not as hostile and cold but as pleasant and cozy. Hence the use of warm tones for entrance and transit areas, shades of yellow-green and light blue for the classrooms and warm colors for the laboratories. Research on this subject was carried out by Sigma Coatings for the color-related project The Playful Living and the project for Istituto comprensivo del Vergante in Invorio, in the province of Novara.

They work behind the scenes from the early morning to make freshly made dishes and the pastry laboratory is always busy. We have found out what is behind the historic Peck store on via Spadari, in the heart of Milan.

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