Hōyō, the “hug” armchair designed by Elisabetta de Strobel

Hōyō, the “hug” armchair characterized by overlapping volumes combines sartorial tradition and innovation

The Hōyō (“hug” in Japanese) armchair by interior designer Elisabetta de Strobel was inspired by the balance between comfort and design. Characterized by a structured shape, generous and enveloping proportions, it has a wide and deep seat.

This armchair defines an architecture characterized by overlapping volumes that define a secluded and cozy space perfectly combining sartorial tradition and innovation. Hōyō is an example of Italian artisanal expertise, combined with comfortable and functional design.

Elisabetta de Strobel has revamped the concept of the traditional armchair, revisiting shapes and surfaces to create a timeless armchair, with a resolute yet elegant personality, able to meet any furnishing need.

Its structure is made of plywood and the padding can be covered with leather, faux leather or fabric in any color. Hōyō was originally conceived with a smooth, matt full grain leather cover in cream tone. Also the metal feet are customizable to match one’s favorite style. [Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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