Casacor São Paulo 2019: Planeta Casa

Casacor São Paulo 2019: in Brazil, an exhibition of interior architecture, with 75 projects by over 90 architects and landscape architects

House Dendê Duratex, design by Nildo José, Casacor São Paulo 2019. Photo courtesy Casacor

A show of temporary yet complete architecture

Casacor is an exhibition of temporary interior architecture, mostly housing, although there are also bars and restaurants, and some hotel concepts. Each project is designed by an architect, or interior design, or landscape architect, and the brands provide materials, finishes, construction and fitting-out/furnishing of the rooms, including all areas: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and garden.

Aurora Terrace, design by BC Arquitetos. Photo courtesy Casacor

The gardens, thanks to the favorable climate of São Paulo, play a significant role and allow us to see the outdoor furniture in a real setting. Now in its 33rd edition in Sao Paulo, today Casacor features 23 editions, of which 18 in Brazil, 4 in South America and 1 in Miami.

The Sumè house, project by Gustavo Neves, Casacor São Paulo 2019. Photo courtesy Casacor

Casacor San Paolo 2019, which was held at the Jockey Club from 28 May to 4 August, featured 75 ambiances, based on the topic “Planeta Casa” (Planet Home). The projects ranged from containers covered with Dekton to space ships that inspired the house of the future, as well as collectors-vintage: over 15,000 square meters to shape our homes, the homes where we can build our own ideal world.

Read Deca Lab by Ricardo Bello Dias: a Lab for the house of tomorrow

Deca Lab, by Ricardo Bello Dias, Casacor São Paulo 2019. Photo courtesy Casacor

Deca Lab, a project by Ricardo Bello Dias, at Casacor São Paulo 2019, is an ideal world that connects with the outside world, both as an affective relationship and as a technological connection. The home also focuses on technology: new materials, new concepts, for a home that is ever closer to its very essence.

Read Casa Contêiner, the house in a container covered with Dekton

Casa Contêiner, design by Marilia Pellegrini, Casacor São Paulo 2019. Photo courtesy Casacor

The exhibition is definitely international, even if the designers are all Brazilian, thanks to the presence of all the most famous international brands, for the finishings and furnishings; the made in Italy is also highly represented. The residential architectures follow one another seamlessly, alternating with areas with public functions: the Casacor shop, with accessories for the home, the eyewear shop, and the many restaurants and bars, providing high-quality food, with the involvement of internationally renowned chefs.

Paredes Mágicas, design by Leo Romano, Casacor São Paulo 2019. Photo courtesy Casacor

Sustainability and Casacor

Sustainability is always a major problem for these kinds of exhibitions: they are temporary events that have to be dismantled, and the issue of disposal and reuse of the structures and everything they contain arises. Casacor addressed the problem, and in 2018, 99.3% of the 2,323.73 tons of waste produced was recycled. Moreover, in 2019, for the first time, the management stopped sending paper invitations – 115,000 – with a good saving of paper and logistics. Vegetable organic waste is disposed of in a composter to produce fertilizer, which can be taken home by visitors.

Coral Hotel, design by Pedro Lázaro, Casacor São Paulo, 2019. Photo courtesy Casacor

Casacor Arena

The event also features a rich program of conferences on architectural and design trends, which host architects and designers daily. In addition to the daily lectures, the exhibition offered the Casacor Masters program, which this year saw the participation, among others, of Paulo Mendes da Rocha, the great Brazilian architect awarded the Pritzker Prize in 2006.

Arena Casacor, design by Tania and Fabiano Hayasaki, Casacor São Paulo 2019. Photo courtesy Casacor

The Casacor sponsors

Casacor São Paulo is also supported by the contribution of a number of official sponsors. Deca, a Brazilian company in the bathroom industry, this year is global sponsor of the event, for all editions, national and international (click here to see the project DecaLab by Ricardo Bello Dias); Leroy Merlin is the national partner for sustainability, and Coral is the official paint. Among the local sponsors, we also include Casa Moysés, LG Electronics, Duratex/Durafloor and Unitex. Other important sponsors for the settings are Cosentino, Todeschini and Reckit Benckiser; finally Starbucks at Home was the official partner for coffee.

In the photogallery, images of some projects from Casacor São Paulo 2019.

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