Next Design Perspectives 2019: The future of creativity and design

“Next Design Perspectives”, the conference organized by Altagamma, Fiera Milano and Agenzia ICE, is back for the second edition

The conference investigates the ongoing changes in consumption patterns, from the point of view of design and creativity. According to Andrea Illy, Chairman of Altagamma, “Fashion, design, food & beverage, automotive, yachts, and hospitality are the leading fields represented by Altagamma, generating an international debate.”

Andrea Illy, Chairman of Fondazione Altagamma

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The curator of the 2019 edition of Next Design Perspectives is Deyan Sudjic, design journalist and critic, director of the London Design Museum, founding editor of Blueprint magazine. He has chosen this year’s speakers – designers, entrepreneurs, researchers and opinion leaders from different fields – who will talk about how dramatically and rapidly our society is changing.

How technology is affecting our lives?

Today we live in a very different way, not only compared to the previous generation, but also compared to how we used to live just a few years ago. Technology has influenced the way we work, buy, live, and in the meantime life has become longer, creating new ways of using time. How will this accelerating pace of change affect our lives in the future?

Panelists will answer this and other questions, following one other on the stage throughout the day. Like last year, the first part of the conference will consist in a presentation of new social and cultural trends, delivered by Lisa White from WGSN – Lifestyle & Interiors. Following this presentation, the day will be divided into themed sections, covering topic of interest for the cultural and creative industries that Fondazione Altagamma represents.

Gucci Hub, Milan, houses Next Perspectives 2019

The themed sections are: MOBILITY. The road ahead. HOME AND WORK. New workplaces, from work from home to the office as home. HOSPITALITY AND THE KITCHEN. The impact of AirBnB and food delivery on traditional hospitality and domestic kitchens. HOW WE CONSUME FASHION. How the fashion business evolves, with new business models, cultural changes and technological drives. The moderator of the conference will be Tony Chambers, creative director and design consultant.

Program & Speakers

The program includes a welcome speech by Andrea Illy, Chairman of Fondazione Altagamma, an introductory speech by Deyan Sudjic, the presentation of the 10 Top Trends for the Creative Industries curated by Ben Page. After that, the first module “Mobility: The Road Ahead”, with Klaus Busse, Zhou Hong, Carlo Ratti, Philipp Rode, moderated by Johanna Agerman Ross, and the module “How we consume Fashion”, with Adrian Cheng, Sara Ferrero, Caroline Issa, Vittorio Radice, Nadja Swarovski, moderated by Tony Chambers.

Next Design Perspective 2019: Positive Discomfort; left to right, moderator Tony Chambers with Andrea Trimarchi, Simone Farresin, Sissel Tolaas

There will be two Design Focuses: the first will be “The Furniture market and evolution”, curated by Claudia D’Arpizio partner of Bain & Company, fashion and luxury goods expert; the second will be moderated by Johanna Agerman Ross, with Marcus Engman, Roberto Cingolani, Patricia Urquiola and David Chipperfield. Finally, Ilse Crawford, Tom Dixon, Piero Lissoni and Davide Oldani will deal with Food and Hospitality: you are where you eat.” [Text Spencer Foil]

Next Design Perspectives, October 29th, 2019, h. 9:30 am, Gucci Hub, via Mecenate 77, Milan

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