#Designgoeson: Pierluigi Caccaro and the evolution of furniture

#Designgoeson: Design talks with Pierluigi Caccaro, President of Caccaro, about the evolution of furniture after the Covid-19 health emergency

What measures have you adopted to overcome the health emergency?

Pierluigi Caccaro: “In a situation like this, full of unknown variables, first of all, we thought about our people, and we implemented several initiatives to safeguard the health of our employees. Hence, the hard decision to stop production as early as March 16, before the official government decree. In the meantime, we have managed the crisis by channeling our energies in two directions: guaranteeing corporate financial security and getting ready for the recovery by focusing on marketing and the development of new product lines.

Pierluigi Caccaro, President of Caccaro

What impact will this crisis have on made in Italy furniture?

It is hard to tell what will happen but we can envision something. Here at Caccaro, we have been wondering what the world will be like after Covid-19 and what will change both in the furniture industry and in the lifestyle of our customers. I think that this storm that has overturned both the personal and professional sides of our daily life will give even more importance to our home. If, for example, we cannot go to the cinema for a long time, it will be important to be able to watch films from home, in a comfortable environment. We will go back to the shelter-house. In the same way, we have learnt how important it is to have a space dedicated to remote working.

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Freedhome composition by Caccaro, with glass doors and TV cabinet

Actually, some trends could be spotted even before the health emergency, which accelerated their reinforcement. Now that, for a long time, it will be difficult to go to the restaurant, even having dinner at home will acquire a new importance.

After this crisis, the market demand will change, and we will have to adapt to it with design solutions able to meet new needs, designing environments that favor the well-being of those who live there.

Freedhome composition by Caccaro, modular wardrobe with folding glass doors and patented total opening

New products for a new home

In light of these considerations, in collaboration with designer and art director Monica Graffeo, we are working on new collections aimed at redefining domestic environments. Design and technology at the service of the person, to make one’s space unique and highly distinctive. Moreover, to help those who are thinking about making their home cozier, we have implemented an online consulting service to reduce the distance with end customers. It is a unique opportunity to fully understand their needs. And it is equally vital to establish development strategies shared with the stores, our main allies in this challenging situation. Therefore, we have not stopped working on this aspect and we have launched a series of individual training courses, dedicated to our salesmen, which have been very successful: during three weeks, we have delivered over 300 hours of training on the design of Caccaro systems through our graphic configurator.

How will communication change after this crisis?

Rather than communication, we will have to change the way we communicate with all stakeholders. This period has given us the opportunity to improve the use of new technologies to keep in contact with our customers: videocalls, remote design and simple phone calls are marking our days – which are far from empty. The cancellation of the Salone del Mobile di Milano has led us to wonder how we will present the new collections. The context is still dynamic and uncertain but we are already designing ways of approaching the product without moving much. A long-lasting and transparent relationship with all sectors of the supply chain will always be at the center: only together we will come out of it.

Freedhome composition by Caccaro, with glass and wood doors, eucalyptus finish

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