Pure and ionized air with Falmec hoods

Thanks to the E.ion System, hoods emit purified and ionized air for a healthier home

Falmec has developed an exclusive technology that makes it possible to recreate atmospheric ions in our environment. Thanks to controlled bipolar ionization, E.ion System hoods are able to neutralize odors and pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mites, pollens, spores, noxious fumes or exhaust gases. Moreover, ions have a positive effect on our physical and psychological wellbeing, improving our mood and concentration.

Gruppo Incasso hood by Falmec

Falmec’s E.ion System hoods are equipped with a leaf-shaped sensor that detects the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOC), odorous gases, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke and any air pollutant. Depending on air quality, the color of the leaf changes from yellow into green while environmental conditions improve. Moreover, thanks to the automatic mode, when the sensor detects a deterioration in air quality in the room, the hood switches on by itself and purifies the air.

Detail of the leaf-shaped sensor that measures air quality on the Zephiro lighting hood by Falmec

Falmec hoods purify the air and light up the environment

Among the hoods equipped with the E.ion System, Gruppo Incasso, integrated in the wall unit, is perfect for minimal and simple interior design. Available in the 50 and 70 cm sizes, with 4-speed touch control panel, it is equipped with LED lighting.

Discover Sintesi, the hood integrated in the worktop

Gruppo Incasso hood by Falmec

The Oceano hood with E.ion System is characterized by an essential and simple shape, and an easy installation process that requires neither piping for the outlet of fumes nor masonry works. Furthermore, it extracts fumes throughout its structure, for a much wider suction surface. Therefore, the Oceano hood can be installed anywhere in the kitchen, for perfectly clean air.

Oceano by Falmec, a hood characterized by a simple shape and a wide suction surface

Finally, Zephiro, equipped with the E.ion System as well, is Falmec’s hood that, in addition to purifying the air, lights up the environment. Thanks to its extremely quiet motor and minimal design, Zephiro can be installed in any room, allowing you to breathe healthy air not only in the kitchen but in any area of your home.

Discover Sintesi, the hood integrated in the worktop

Zephiro lighting hood by Falmec in the black version

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