Pratic: the new Slide Glass 60 series of glass doors for verandas

Openness and protection for really comfortable outdoor architectures

The human brain has always loved the pergola by nature. This is what emerges from Pratic’s third neuroscientific research study, “Design for Wellbeing – Semiosi delle forme”, which contains important news for the world of living space design and those who love open-air life.

The pergola is the only architecture that is capable of perfectly balancing the needs of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, by combining openness and protection, focal and panoramic vision, the geometry of spaces and the possibility of moving freely. Conditions dictated by evolutionary and survival processes, which today translate into a natural feeling of well-being in outdoor living spaces.


Precisely to enhance the natural characteristics of outdoor structures, the company has decided to innovate and improve its collection of glass doors for verandas, Slide Glass 60. One of the most appreciated accessories from the range, which protects the pergola’s perimeter from rain and wind, offering the possibility of creating outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed throughout the year offering complete visibility with neither visual nor architectural impact.


Slide Glass 60 system of glass doors for verandas

The Slide Glass 60 system has been developed and industrialized by Pratic R&D division: its functional and structural features have led to five new patent applications, which confirm Pratic’s vocation for innovation and research.

Slide Glass 60 is a system of panoramic glass doors sliding on rails, made of light tempered glass, characterized by a minimal design. Equipped with perimeter profile customizable in the over thirty colors from Pratic’s color range, its glass doors allow for modular planning suitable for covering big surfaces. When closed, the doors offer impeccable protection from infiltration, wear and tear, salt fog, drafts and strong winds: high performance is always guaranteed by the tests carried out by Istituto Giordano, which, with the CE certification, validated the extraordinary performance of this project, which passed the tests of air (Class 2), water (Class 1A) and wind permeability (Class 1).


There are also accessories to customize Slide Glass 60 glass doors for verandas and the possibility of integrating them with other Pratic products such as the Set platform and Zip Raso vertical awnings. It is also possible to choose from among different finishes such as smoky, burnished or frosted glass. The same technology characterizes the two variants designed to freely customize one’s project: Fix Glass, made of fixed panels, and Door Glass, the hinged door without perimeter profiles, that can be freely programmed into single/double solutions and with/without fixed panel. Cutting-edge solutions that make it possible to create sheltered outdoor spaces where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views and unparalleled climatic comfort as well as energy efficiency for lighting, ventilation and heating.


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