Doimo Cucine: the kitchen is the heart of the home

Also for globetrotters the kitchen is the heart of the home: Doimo Cucine interprets spaces with versatile compositions

In all the houses of the world, the kitchen is the place where we gather. It is the heart of the home, a relaxing room, a place linked to tradition and memory. In the kitchen we also read and work, and we have social relations. There we meet, we prepare and eat meals – it is the place where we spend more time together.


Doimo has exactly this idea of the kitchen: a special place that has to be adapted to one’s needs. The high craftsmanship skills of this 100% Made in Italy brand make it possible to create endless compositions suitable to one’s needs. The design of Doimo kitchens starts from the doors, available in different materials, finishes, colors and openings.


Surfaces are in wood, stone, bronze transparent glass, available in different finishes and colors: black porcelain stoneware, basalt grit, oak, in the graphite, malt and white versions. Colors are also inspired by nature, from ice to leaden skies to fog, while lit backsplashes enliven the space. Details further define the style of Doimo Cucine: the Rail handle simulates vertical and horizontal grooves creating a play of lines and depths, while the tall units with glass fronts are embellished by the back panel in Synchroface planked oak Pepe.

Doimo Cucine Aspen + D23 composition

For open-plan spaces, a composition where the sink is placed in front of the cooktop is perfect to concentrate operative spaces in a well-defined area. The snack counter provides an additional surface for quick meals and breakfast. A pocket door conceals appliances for a minimal kitchen. The groove handle that extends onto the side panel and sink cabinets in porcelain stoneware give a sculptural feel to the volumes, while the drawers guarantee order.


D23 composition

A kitchen with a plain design characterized by a monobloc effect given by toflush-to-the-floor doors in engraved oak with push/pull opening. Double height wall units in Fenix FTM make the space very dynamic.


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