DDN SAFARI FEST: the blogger design festival

Despite the absence of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, DDN organized the blog safari: 10 international bloggers and magazines explored 8 brands with their products and collections. A collection of stories that can still be found in their Instagram Highlights and blog posts, for an authentic blogger design festival.

The fourth edition of the DDN Blog Safari, DDN SAFARI FEST 2020, was attended by:

Holly Becker – DECOR8


Agata Dimmich – PASSIONSHAKE

Desiree Groenendal – VOSGESPARIS



Roberta Mutti – DDN BLOG



Elisabetta Rizzato – ITALIANBARK


The companies that took part in the project are Cantori@cantori_spa, Casalgrande Padana, @casalgrandepadana, Cristina Rubinetterie, @CRISTINARubinetterie, Doimo Cucine, @DoimoCucineMaistri@Maistrilacucinaminotticucine@minotticucineQuadrodesign, @quadrodesign_official, and Viva Porte, @vivaporte.

CANTORI and the Shanghai collection

The Shanghai collection, a project by Maurizio Manzoni for Cantori, revolves around a vertical rod in hand-wrought iron. A detail that gives a strong identity to a collection including living and sleeping areas. Sofas with fine fabrics, sideboards with wood doors, sober and elegant beds; warm and matching colors, precious details.


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Casalgrande Padana and antibacterial surfaces

Bios Ceramics, by Casalgrande Padana, is the new generation of bioactive, certified and eco-friendly ceramics. Bios Ceramics collections by Casalgrande Padana are porcelain stoneware collections for flooring and wall covering that, thanks to a special treatment, can remove up to 99.9% of the four most common bacterial strains, becoming perfectly hygienic.


Cristina Rubinetterie and the metropolitan atmosphere

The blogger design festival’s section dedicated to the bathroom opens with the East Side collection, designed by Angeletti Ruzza for Cristina Rubinetterie. Inspired by the atmospheres of metropolitan homes, it is characterized by big levers and a knurled surface. Available in different glossy or brushed matt finishes.


Doimo Cucine: versatile and rigorous

The blogger design festival’s section dedicated to kitchens is very rich. Let’s start with the Doimo kitchen, a special place that has to be adapted to one’s needs. The high craftsmanship skills of this 100% Made in Italy brand make it possible to create endless compositions suitable to one’s needs. The design of Doimo kitchens starts from the doors, available in different materials, finishes, colors and openings. Surfaces are in wood, stone, bronze transparent glass, available in different finishes and colors: black porcelain stoneware, basalt grit, oak, in the graphite, malt and white versions. Colors are also inspired by nature, from ice to leaden skies to fog, while lit backsplashes enliven the space. Details further define the style of Doimo Cucine: the Rail handle simulates vertical and horizontal grooves creating a play of lines and depths, while the tall units with glass fronts are embellished by the back panel in Synchroface planked oak Pepe.

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Maistri: the essential kitchen

The Viva kitchen by Maistri is characterized by extreme rigor and a rational design. The corners are equipped to make the best use of available space and pocket doors make it possible to use all the space. Walls feature panels that can accommodate various types of equipment depending on one’s needs. Handleless doors are perfectly smooth for an essential design.

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Minotticucine: the strength of Terra

It is really hard to define a project like Claudio Silvestrin’s Terra for minotticucine as a kitchen. The total absence of handles and grips as well as the absolute dominion of matter make Terra a sculpture that dominates the space despite the subtraction work. Cast bronze becomes a living material that reveals its identity only when needed.


Quadrodesign: a simple material

Stainless steel dominates the Valvola01 series, designed by Studio Adolini for Quadrodesign. Inspired by typical shape of gas valves, this series includes all necessary versions: for washbasin, shower, bathtub, for any interior design need, both for residential and contract use.

Viva Porte: more than a simple door

Bellagio sliding doors, inspired by the light of the landscape of lake Como, are characterized by ultrathin aluminum frames with different finishes. Panes, either fixed or sliding, may be transparent, smoky, frosted or bronzed. Thanks to the light frames, walls divide spaces allowing for visual continuity of the surrounding landscape. Viva Porte offers many collections of sliding doors and walls, as well as full-opening pivot doors for spectacular living areas. In this way, it is possible to separate spaces or to preserve spatial and visual continuity.


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