Franke presents Mythos: new ovens and induction hobs

Ovens and induction hobs characterized by an essential design; for those who love beauty, also in the kitchen, there’s the Mythos collection by Franke

The Mythos collection by Franke  expresses passion for cooking kitchen and for design, combined in a series of appliances able to deliver exceptional performance with a sophisticated look. Cutting-edge ovens and induction hobs are complemented by stainless steel bowls, mixers with or without hand shower, an intriguingly geometrically shaped hood, and black glass gas hobs for those who prefer to cook with the flame.


New Mythos ovens: multifunctional, with hi-tech design

The new series of Mythos ovens helps foodies and pleases the eye of those who love to surround themselves with beautiful things. All models are in black glass, framed and illuminated by thin stainless steel profiles, burnished in the Mythos Black Steel version, for a tone on tone effect.


Among the most outstanding features, there is the 3.5″ full touch TFT color display to monitor cooking programs and phases. The CookAssist technology, combi steam cooking and pyrolytic cleaning complete the equipment of the oven for haute-cuisine dishes. The maxi cavity with 73-liter capacity is gray to ensure perfect visibility inside the oven. This capacity allows you to cook on different levels, and the door is equipped with Smooth2close system for better opening and closing.

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The Multicooking function offers the possibility to prepare a complete menu by cooking up to four dishes at the same time; while the CookAssist technology, with many preset recipes, allows you to easily create any dish. Moreover, several special cooking options are available to bake bread, cakes or pastry.


Finally, the two Full Steam models, FMY 99 HS XS and FMY 99 HS BK, are perfect for healthy foodies. Steaming allows you to cook meat, fish and vegetables, preserving the nutrients of food and its taste at once.


The functions of Mythos ovens by Franke are also useful for cleaning them: Full Steam ovens can be cleaned using the steam function, by simply adding water. All other ovens, on the other hand, rely on the pyrolytic function.

Mythos induction hobs: technological yet simple

The Mythos collection by Franke includes two models of induction hobs, available in two different sizes. Hobs have 8 cooking zones, with double LCD touch control screen, Flex Pro area and French Plaque area. Their design is essential and rigorous, for contemporary kitchens with a metropolitan mood.

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The double LCD display with central slider helps you prepare food, allowing you to easily choose, with a few touches, the cooking zone and power, from 1 to 18. The hob turns off automatically when the cooking is finished, sending an acoustic signal that warns you that the time is over and the dish is ready.


Thanks to the Flex Pro zone, you can use the hob as if it were a single cooking zone; with the French Plaque option, you can use different powers by simply moving the pots from the front to the rear. Moreover, the new Mythos induction hob allows you to limit the maximum power (to 2.5 kW, 4.0kW, 6.0kW or 7.4 kW) to adapt it to your energy meter and prevent overloading.


Last but not least, thanks to the CookAssist function, the cooktop helps you choose the perfect cooking for 63 preset recipes.


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