Cersaie Press Café – DDN and Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

New post-Covid housing standards: Ludovica+Roberto Palomba discuss the topic with Francesca Russo, Design Diffusion World

The digital Press Café organized by Cersaie for December 3, 2020, with Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, architects and designers, will deal with new ways of living.

After the pandemic: how homes will change

The lockdown has changed our reality and the way we consider our home. How is the concept of home evolving?

The lockdown caused by the Covid-19 health emergency has made us reflect on the different ways of living, which are constantly evolving. By considering housing standard and the different ways of living at home, we have realized that the model of family modules has become outdated. Today’s society has changed a lot and the basic unit is no longer defined by the traditional family. The contemporary society revolves around the person and one’s relationships, originating new types of aggregations and cohabitations as well as a significant increase in single people.

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Today, working from home has become a reality, changing everyone’s habits and the way we use our homes. Moreover, we will have to face the problem of all the office buildings that will get empty and perhaps will be converted back into homes, as happened with the old industrial buildings. Now that we, as architects, find ourselves reconsidering the well-being of people, we must also think about the flexibility that we must give to today’s homes.

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Today, the house is no longer a place where one passes, sleeps, enters and leaves; it has become a place where we stay. In this context, the bathroom and the kitchen, fundamental parts of our houses and key elements in the definition of spaces, will become the core of the project. The kitchen, for example, is increasingly less a space dedicated to the family, opening up to forms of scattered kitchen; the bathroom has become over time a room devoted to wellness. Therefore, it is necessary to reflect about and rethink our homes.

Press Café – December 3, 2020; 2:00 pm

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba meet Francesca Russo 

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